Drinking wine before bed could keep you slimmer


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In the latest instalment of the Best News Ever, drinking wine before bedtime could help us keep weight gain at bay.

According to scientists at Washington State University, a chemical called resveratrol - which is found in wine - could help prevent obesity.

In a study published in the International Journal of Obesity, researchers fed adult female mice on a high-fat diet.

Those supplemented with resveratrol were 40% less likely to develop diet-induced obesity compared to the mice that weren’t, who gained weight.


[Photo: Pexels]

“Resveratrol can enhance this conversion of white fat to beige fat and, when you have high rates of browning [this conversion], it can partially prevent obesity,” professor of animal sciences Min Du said.

And why drinking it in the evening specifically? Well, according to Marie Claire, the calories in our favourite bottle of plonk help us to keep full, reducing the need to late night snack (one of the main reasons we put on weight).

Not that we’d ever condone drinking wine as a replacement for proper food - but if it’s a choice between an extra glass of Shiraz or that fifth portion of Ben & Jerry’s, well…

In other words, we’re pretty sold. A Pinot Grigio spritzer, please - with just a bit of ice.

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