Drag Race’s Maddy Morphosis and Bob the Drag Queen ‘feud’ after ‘corny’ comment

Bob the Drag Queen and Maddy Morphosis
Bob the Drag Queen and Maddy Morphosis have entered a diss track off (Image: Instagram/@bobthedragqueen and YouTube/World of Wonder)

We all know that drag queens are not to be trifled with. Throw some shade at them and you best be prepared for a clapback. Case in point, RuPaul’s Drag Race winner Bob the Drag Queen and Maddy Morphosis.

It started on a recent episode of The Pit Stop, where Drag Race queens review the latest episode of the series. Currently, Trixie Mattel is fronting the YouTube show during Drag Race season 16. Joining her in the most recent episode to review the fifth episode of season 16 was Maddy Morphosis from season 14. Maddy made history as the show’s first straight cisgender contestant. She was eliminated in season 14’s sixth episode after landing in the bottom twice.

Appearing on The Pit Stop Trixie and Maddy gave their opinions on the season 16 queens in the girl group challenge. Maddy reminisced that she never got to do the girl group challenge in her series.

Trixie then offered: “You could do what Bob the Drag Queen does. Sometimes she will release her own verse of these songs.” And without missing a beat Maddy replied: “I think it’s corny.” Elaborating that Bob’s verses are “good,” and “great” Maddy went on to say “It’s weird.”

Then on Monday (5 February), Bob responded. Using the ‘Read U Wrote U’ music, Bob clapped back to Maddy’s read. Referring to Maddy as a “straggot” (a word used for straight people addicted to gay culture) Bob also roasted Maddy for her voluminous wig, mentioning both the hard hairline and how dry it looked.

Bob also took aim at how early on in season 14 Maddy went home as well as her padding and why she started drag. The comments filled up people clearly gagged at the eloquence of Bob’s reply. “Bobbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb!” commented Bob’s Drag Race sister, Thorgy Thor. Rosé added she was “dead,” while Vanjie wrote: “Move over Nicki n Megan.”

Also on Monday, Maddy responded to Bob with her own diss track set to ‘Read U Wrote U’ After writing on X that “it’s time I squashed this corned beef,” Maddy posted her video. Afterward she started using the hashtag #BobIsPopped. The video starts with Maddy out of drag apologising sarcastically and then standing by her “corny” comments. She then gives her own verse taking aim at Bob’s pronouns and gender identity, as well as the season eight winner not being invited for the All Winners All Stars series.

“Shots fired shots fired !!!” one person wrote after Maddy posted the video on X. “That was a gag,” another person wrote. We don’t think we’ve seen the end of this…

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