Dr Hilary Jones shares hack for checking if your hot water bottle is out of date

The TV doctor appeared on Lorraine to discuss the dangers of using expired hot water bottles and how to check if yours is safe.

Video transcript

LORRAINE KELLY: You've got a hot water bottle there.

HILARY JONES: Yes, it's about--

LORRAINE KELLY: And you're going to tell me something that I certainly didn't know.


LORRAINE KELLY: And I don't think many people do.

HILARY JONES: So when it's really cold, a hot water bottle is quite a good way--


HILARY JONES: --of keeping warm--


HILARY JONES: --in bed, or on your lap. Now, inside the funnel of your hot water bottle, there's a little sign, a little floral sign. There's a picture of it.

LORRAINE KELLY: And I've never really--

HILARY JONES: And what it says--

LORRAINE KELLY: I never really noticed it before.

HILARY JONES: No, I hadn't. Number 19 is 2019. So that hot water bottle was made in 2019. So it's three years old now.


HILARY JONES: And that's what the manufacturer is saying is the expiry date for most hot water bottles because otherwise, the lid can be-- the stopper can become loose. The rubber can perish. And you can get scalded. So they're saying every three years, just check the dates--

LORRAINE KELLY: Jeez, I've got a hot water bottle--

HILARY JONES: --on your hot water bottle.

LORRAINE KELLY: --I think is older than me. They made them back then.

HILARY JONES: So there's a Christmas present for you then--


HILARY JONES: --right there.

LORRAINE KELLY: So you have to be careful.

HILARY JONES: We're getting this arctic blast coming. So people need to use-- obviously, people are worried about their fuel bills. So keep one room of the house really warm, silver foil behind the radiator, draft excluders, lots of different layers, all the things we know about.

LORRAINE KELLY: We do, we do.

HILARY JONES: And you can even put your hot water bottle in a little polar neck sweater, like I'm wearing today.

LORRAINE KELLY: I like it. It looks good.