Donald Trump interrupts important phone call to flirt with Irish reporter

Lauren Sharkey
<i>Donald Trump has been accused of flirting with Irish reporter Caitriona Perry [Photo: Getty]</i>
Donald Trump has been accused of flirting with Irish reporter Caitriona Perry [Photo: Getty]

Several reporters were surprised to be invited into the Oval Office for a face-to-face meeting with Donald Trump on Tuesday.

The president was in the middle of calling Ireland’s newly elected (and first gay) prime minister Leo Varadkar to congratulate him.

During the call, Trump paused to beckon over female journalist Caitriona Perry.

“Well, we have a lot of your Irish press watching us. They’re just now leaving the room. And where are you from? Go ahead, come here,” he was heard saying.

“Where are you from? We have all of this beautiful Irish press. Where are you from?’”

Trump then told the Irish prime minister that Perry had a “beautiful smile on her face”, adding: “I bet she treats you well.”

<i>Trump commented on the journalist’s “beautiful smile” [Photo: Twitter/CaitrionaPerry]</i>
Trump commented on the journalist’s “beautiful smile” [Photo: Twitter/CaitrionaPerry]

While the other reporters laughed, Perry appeared to look awkward standing next to the presidential desk.

Twitter users were quick to criticise Trump with several US citizens admitting to feeling embarrassed at their president’s actions.

“Please accept the apology of at least one female American,” one woman wrote.

“We apologise that our president is a weird, inappropriate creep,” said another.

Perry herself tweeted a video of the incident, calling it a “bizarre moment.”

In an interview with her employer, RTÉ, Perry explained how the journalists came to be in the Oval Office in the first place.

“One minute we were outside the window and the next minute I’m meeting the President of the United States,” she said.

“Usually we would shoot from outside the window of the White House and that’s what we were expecting today, but instead, we were invited inside to witness the President’s call to the [prime minister].”

“When we went in, he was already on the phone but I managed to catch his eye and he called me over.”

Before he was elected, Ireland’s prime minister said he “wouldn’t be keen” on inviting Trump to Dublin.

However, the former prime minister Enda Kenny extended an invitation to the US president, leading current Irish leader Varadkar to say: “I will not, of course, rescind that invitation.”

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