Does the Trumps' silence on their wedding anniversary hint at trouble in their relationship?

Danielle Fowler
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Donald and Melania Trump failed to mention their 13th wedding anniversary on social media [Photo: Getty]

In the post-Instagram era, it’s become an obligatory gesture to wax poetic about your loved one in celebration of your anniversary.

And one of the world’s most inspiring couples, Michelle and Barack Obama, regularly remind the social media circuit that they have been in love for over 25 years (not that we would need to be nudged).

So when Donald and Melania Trump seemingly forgot to mention their 13th wedding anniversary on Monday, followers were quick to question the validity of their marital status.

Let’s be frank, it’s not as though the President of the United States is shy when it comes to a little keyboard frenzy.

But instead of tweeting a throwback snap in honour of their special day, Trump took to the social media platform to post a series of hyped-up political messages:

While the First Lady on the other hand, stayed completely mum on the topic.

But does this spell trouble for their romance or is the Twittersphere reading far too into it?

We asked dating coach and relationship expert, James Preece, about his thoughts on the couple’s radio silence. And the keynote speaker has his own interesting theory.

“For some people, the number 13 is considered unlucky,” he told Yahoo Style UK. “So the couple may well have chosen not to bring attention to it rather than risk speculation about them breaking up.”

He continued: “I don’t think the fact they didn’t celebrate it publicly is a huge issue. They are both experts in publicity and the best way to get people talking is to surprise them.

By not saying anything, they generate even more interest. I believe them to be a very strong couple and they no doubt celebrated their anniversary in private.”

Donald and Melania Trump have been married since 20015 [Photo: Getty]

But with Trump’s haphazard Twitter track record, surely it is worth noting that he is not one to miss a trick on social media?

“Of course, there is the possibility that all is not well behind the scenes,” Preece added. “If that was the case then I expect they would have done all they could to hide the issues. The very fact they didn’t, shows it’s no big deal to them.”

And in light of the Trumps’ social media faux pas, do couples of the post-Instagram world really owe it to their followers to share intimate memories online?

“Social media is all about broadcasting your actions to the world and letting them know what you are up to. So if you have an anniversary, it’s nice to tell everyone how much that person means to you,” Preece told Yahoo Style UK. “That way, they can join in with your happiness and make your special day even more memorable. Also, your other half will know you’ve made an extra effort to make them feel important.”

“But remember not to overdo it. There’s a fine line between being sweet and sickly!” he added.

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