Dominica to offer 18-month visas for remote workers - here's how to apply

Dominica has launched its Work in Nature extended-stay visa (Getty)
Dominica has launched its Work in Nature extended-stay visa (Getty)

After the better part of a year spent at home trying to limit the spread of coronavirus, we could really do with a change of scenery.

While Caribbean nations like Barbados and Bermuda have already opened doors to digital nomads, the island nation of Dominica is the latest country to welcome those looking for a break from normality.

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In a new scheme, Dominica is welcoming digital nomads and remote workers to apply for its newly-launched Work in Nature (WIN) extended-stay visa.

This WIN visa will be valid for up to 18 months and visitors can expect to be surrounded by lush rainforests, volcanoes, waterfalls and lovely sandy beaches.

Dominica is also home to natural hot springs, as well as the Caribbean’s first long-distance hiking trail.

Dominica's colourful capital of Roseau (Getty)
Dominica's colourful capital of Roseau (Getty)

The visa is open to both individuals and families, and Dominica is offering a "family bundle program", which encourages children to attend the private and state schools on the island.

To be considered for the visa, applicants must show that they earn a salary greater than $50,000 (£36,481) or have means of supporting themselves and their children.

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The cost of the visa starts at $800 (£583) for singles and $1,200 (£875) for families and there’s a $100 (£72) non-refundable application fee as well.

Once the visa is confirmed, you will need to relocate within three months for it to be valid.

The visa website says benefits of the visa include an income tax waiver, duty-free concession when you import your things, the ability to apply for an annual driver’s license and free travel during the period of the visa - although it’s not clear what is included as ‘free’.

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To apply, you need to submit a visa application form (with accompanying documentation) as well as your non-refundable deposit.

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