Doctor Who: fans think they have worked out what will happen in 'The Giggle' finale

Neil Patrick Harris plays the Toymaker
Neil Patrick Harris plays the Toymaker (Alistair Heap)

The second episode of Doctor Who’s 60th Anniversary special Wild Blue Yonder went down a treat with viewers at the weekend, with some even calling it the best episode that the show has done in years - while others speculated how the events of the Doctor and Donna’s latest adventure would lead to the third and final episode.

In Wild Blue Yonder, the Doctor and Donna are abandoned in a spaceship by the TARDIS after it leaves when it senses a hostile situation. Determined to solve the issue so that the Doctor’s ship will return, the pair begin exploring - only to come face-to-face with identical versions of themselves who have appeared from the 'nothing' at the edge of the universe.

The Doctor and Donna in The Giggle
The Doctor and Donna in The Giggle (Alistair Heap)

The Doctor invokes a superstition (that the doppelgängers can’t move past salt) to buy himself and Donna some time, only to worry about suggesting something in such a pivotal place and the impact that it might have on the universe.

Taking to Reddit to discuss how this angle might lead to the third and final episode of the show, one person wrote: "Okay, genuine speculation. Going to the end of the universe pushed the Time Lord's influence into reality. Time Lords define reality as sensible and logical, by doing that salt thing, he opened up the universe to magic and that's where the Toymaker found his way in."

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Others were quick to reply, with one writing: "Now THIS is an extremely likely theory," while another person asked: "I think it's more that the universe has already resorted to chaos with the timeline changing, such as mavity and the fact The Doctor even thought of doing something like salt made him realise something is wrong. I'd say it's more of a realisation than that action actually changing things."

Fans have also been quick to discuss the episode after the trailer from the third and final episode was released, which sees Neil Patrick Harris star as the 'Toy Maker'. In the final trailer, the Doctor is facing a mystery villain who appears to have the Doctor on puppet strings, before showing a glimpse of David Tennant’s incarnation of the role regenerating into Ncuti Gatwa’s 15th Doctor.

Ncuti Gatwa in Doctor Who
Ncuti Gatwa is taking over as the new Doctor (BBC)

Discussing David’s exit after the three-part series on X, formerly known as Twitter, one person wrote: "it’s just hitting me now that i’m gonna have to say goodbye to my doctor all over again," while another person added: "Gonna be sad to say goodbye to David Tennant again. I wish he could stick around for longer."

A third person wrote: "Why did they have to show a snippet of the regeneration in the trailer for 'The Giggle'. I'm not ready."