A diamond advent calendar now exists and it costs £100,000

Beaverbrooks have launched a diamond advent calendar [Photo: Beaverbrooks]
Beaverbrooks have launched a diamond advent calendar [Photo: Beaverbrooks]

In recent years, advent calendars have seen many exciting new additions.

From boozy treats to beauty products, there are now numerous ways to enjoy the Christmas countdown.

However, British jewellers Beaverbrooks have just taken things to a new, luxury level and released a diamond advent calendar.

The ‘Diamond-a-day’ advent calendar, the first of its kind, was created to celebrate the brand’s 100th birthday.

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It doesn’t ring in cheap: at £100,000 it’s the most expensive advent calendar we’ve ever seen - but it is packed with diamonds.

And you’re actually saving yourself £23,000, as the contents of the calendar comes to a staggering total of £123,080.

Diamond-a-day Advent Calendar, £100,000 [Photo: Beaverbrooks]
Diamond-a-day Advent Calendar, £100,000 [Photo: Beaverbrooks]

Behind each door sits a piece of jewellery, from watches and necklaces, to bracelets and rings.

“Our diamond experts have meticulously selected the perfect diamond pieces to ensure your loved one is swept off their feet every morning” states the website.

The calendar features a platinum diamond solitaire ring worth £26,000, as well as jewellery from prestigious brands Gucci, TAG Heuer and OMEGA.

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So at least a few lucky people will be getting diamonds rather than squares of Cadbury this Christmas.

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