If You Sit A Lot, These Hip Stretches Are A Must-Try

trainer performing low lunge with arm reach
17 Hip Stretches For A Quick ReleaseKathryn Wirsing

If you spend a lot of time sitting (I'm talking to you, fellow desk-job-workers), your body, and more specifically, your hips, could probably benefit from a good stretch. One of the best ways to soothe tight hips (and achy lower back) is simple, though: Give them a good stretch.

“Anything you do often, you get really good at. So, individuals who sit down for long periods of time get really good at holding that position,” says Colette Nguyen, CPT, trainer at Soho Strength Lab. “As a byproduct, the hip flexors get tight, glutes get elongated, and hips end up getting weak as a result.” If tightness in your hips goes unchecked, it's common to experience lower back pain or tightness in your knees.

Meet the experts: Yami Mufdi, CPT, is founder of The Fit Club. Colette Nguyen, ACE-CPT, is a personal trainer at Soho Strength Lab. Sandy Brockman, CPT, is a coach at Kollective in Austin, TX. Tatiana Lampa, CPT, is a corrective exercise specialist and the founder of Training With T.

Benefits Of Hip Stretches

Even if you don’t work a desk job, chances are you could benefit from doing hip stretches on the regular. Hip stretches can relieve tightness in the hip flexors, which is common from both sitting and standing for long periods. This relief isn’t confined to the hips—stretching the hip joint can also alleviate lower back pain and discomfort in other areas connected to tight hips. Improved flexibility from these stretches can also enhance your posture, helping you maintain a more aligned and comfortable stance throughout the day. Plus, the more limber and mobile your hips are, the easier and more efficient everyday activities like walking, bending, and lifting can become.

Stretching can also promote relaxation and reduce stress, offering a simple way to unwind and give your body and mind a little TLC. When you stretch, it not only relieves tension in tight muscles but also encourages the release of endorphins, which are natural mood lifters.

Beyond flexibility, building strength in your hips is super important for preventing future hip pain and ensuring long-term joint health, according to Nguyen. Combining regular stretching with strength-building exercises to support the hip joint is key to maintaining healthy, pain-free hips in the long run.

How To Stretch Your Hips At Home

Below, trainers share their favorite moves to stretch the hips. These stretches can be performed on their own, or incorporated into your workout routine as a warmup or cooldown, says Yami Mufdi, CPT. You can also string a few of the moves below together for quick stretch breaks throughout the day.

Time: 5 minutes | Equipment: None | Good for: Hips

Instructions: Choose any three hip stretches from the list below. Perform each stretch for at least 30 seconds, repeat on the opposite side, if applicable, then continue to the next stretch. Once you've completed three stretches, repeat the cycle twice more for a total of three hip-opening rounds.

Pro tip: If you want to stretch your hips before a workout, Mufdi recommends first starting with a warmup that includes cardio to get your heart rate up, followed by a few dynamic stretches. For those who prefer to stretch it out after sweating it out, choose a few static stretches to thank your muscles and hip joints for working for you.

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