Demi Lovato wanted to create music she could enjoy performing on tour

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Demi Lovato released her new album Holy Fvck so soon after her previous record as she wanted to make the music she'd "have fun" performing on tour.

The 30-year-old released Dancing with the Devil... the Art of Starting Over, a candid and confessional about her sobriety journey, in April 2021 and swiftly followed it up with her latest album, Holy Fvck, in August.

When asked in an interview with Alternative Press why the projects were released so close together, Demi confessed that she can't relate to her 2021 release now she's sober and that she wanted to make the sort of music she enjoys performing live.

"I'm proud of the last album that I did, but it just didn't feel like me," she admitted. "I wanted to put music out that I would have fun touring with, and I can't say that about my last record."

The Sorry Not Sorry star revealed that she never really listened to Dancing with the Devil on repeat, but has been playing Holy Fvck non-stop for the past six months.

"I wanted to perform stuff that felt genuine and authentic to where I'm at today, and what I'm listening to," the singer added. "I'm in a new chapter of my life, and I want my music to reflect that."

The album marks Demi's return to the pop-punk sound she channelled at the start of her career and she believes her days making dance-pop or R&B-influenced songs are over.

"Maybe one day I'll do an acoustic album," she shared. "But I think that my pop-R&B days are gonezo (sic)."