Debra Messing recalls terrifying stalker experience

Debra Messing has opened up about the moment a stalker tried to get into her home to spend time with her and her son.

During Monday's episode of Trinny Woodall's podcast Fearless, the Will & Grace star recalled the moment a male stalker attempted to enter her home, claiming that he had been invited to spend the day with her and her son Roman, 19.

"I want you to be really specific with me, what was the exact moment that you have been most scared in your life?" the podcast host asked the actress.

Debra, 55, responded, "I think it was when I found out I had a stalker in New York and the police came because this man showed up at my doorman building and he said that I invited him and that he was spending the day with me and Roman... he referenced my son. And that scared me in a completely different way because there was no one-on-one interaction with this person."

Debra didn't reveal when the incident occurred or how old her son was at the time.

The actress then opened up about her struggle with anxiety and shared that she had once suffered a panic attack in Times Square in New York.

"When you first asked (about my anxiety), I would have said Times Square... Being in Times Square and having to walk through with people pushed up against my body," she said candidly, reports MailOnline. "I felt so scared and I started to have a panic attack and I started sweating and by the time I got through, I got into my trailer and my hands were physically shaking."

Debra added, "And it was all in my head because there wasn't an actual threat, it was just a conglomeration of all of the memories I've had of being in crowds when I have been touched or someone's jumped on me to hug me from behind, and they've pulled my backpack back and when things like that happened."

Debra shares Roman with her ex-husband, actor Daniel Zelman, whom she was married to from 2000 to 2016.