Danielle Lloyd criticised for suggesting homework should be banned

If you’ve got children, it’s likely that doing homework has been the topic of some hefty debates in your household.

Would everybody’s lives be easier if homework was banned?

That’s the question that was up for debate on ‘Good Morning Britain’ today, and it’s caused a big reaction.

Danielle Lloyd controversially claimed that most homework should be banned, stating that she has to do some of their homework herself.

Danielle Lloyd's controversial opinion has parents divided. [Photo: Getty]
Danielle Lloyd's controversial opinion has parents divided. [Photo: Getty]

Simon Cowell sparked debate for similar reasons this week after claiming he wants his five-year-old son, Eric, to leave school aged 10 to go and work for him.

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Danielle Lloyd said: “In the schools, the teachers should do their jobs and when the kids should come home and enjoy themselves and be happy.”

Her opinion has led to a discussion on Twitter about whether or not she’s right.

A teacher was one of the first people to suggest that homework was “useless”.

She wrote: “I’m a teacher and can say that I completely agree with her that is is useless. The kids do enough work when in school and adding pointless extra work just ticks boxes!”

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Another man agreed: “If they’ve not got time to do it in 7 hours at school why should they do it at [sic] home.”

Others believed that homework should be replaced with compulsory physical education to help with the “obesity and mental health crisis”.

One man wrote: “Ban homework. Make children stay for an hour at school to do compulsory games/PE/ walking/ skipping. Staff to participate as well. Otherwise the obesity and mental health crisis will only get worse.”

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There’s also a large number of people who believe in the importance of homework in order to show children nothing will be “handed to them on a plate”.

One user wrote: “My daughter is currently doing her gcse/b tecs and homework and hard work is a must. My kids have aspirations in life and know it's not going to be handed to them on a plate. Make them do their own homework.”

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