Davina McCall shares the key to confidence: 'Not about your dress size'

Davina McCall attends the Sun's Who Cares Wins Awards 2021 at The Roundhouse on September 14, 2021 in London, England. (WireImage/Getty Images)
Davina McCall knows exactly how you can be more confident. (WireImage/Getty Images)

Davina McCall has shared a heartfelt video on the power of confidence – what it looks like, how it makes you feel, and how exactly to achieve it.

The TV presenter, 54, says confidence is "not about the dress size you are" but is something that makes you "feel great in your skin".

After spending her life looking at certain people and wondering what it is that makes them so attractive, she has realised confidence is also the answer to this.

"So how do you become more confident?" McCall says to her 1.5 million followers on Instagram in a candid self-shot video.

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"Well I'm telling you for starters confidence isn't about the dress size you are or how thin you are.

"Confidence is something that will make you feel great in your skin and make you super attractive to absolutely everybody.

"But it's easy to talk about it but it's so bloomin' elusive. So where do you start? I know exactly where you start."

And this, McCall reveals, is exercise first and foremost. "There's something about exercise that puts a spring in your step," she says, soon starting to well up. "And it's not about your size, or your shape. It's about the fact that you're doing something nice for yourself. You're giving yourself a bit of a hug. And you're going 'you're worth looking after'. And – you are."

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Online retailer JD Williams unveil their Christmas showcase and their wide range of ideas for fashion, home and the rest. Hosting the event are joint brand ambassadors, TV presenters Amanda Holden and Davina McCall, on the banks of London's River Thames on November 10, 2021 in London, England. Amanda and Davina both wear pieces from the JD Williams Christmas collection. (Getty Images for JD Williams)
'Exercise puts a spring in your step and makes you more confident,' says Davina McCall. (Getty Images for JD Williams)

In her post's caption, she elaborates, "If you feel good about you... other people feel good about you too", also highlighting the importance to "never compare yourself to anyone else" before embarking on the journey to confidence.

In terms of the exercise itself, she adds, "Even if it's just 10 minutes... anything. It's an act of self care. That you are worthy of. Just start somewhere. Doesn't have to be massive (if you start big you will never want to go again).

"Small can build bit by bit...not about size/weight...it just makes you feel better about yourself and life."

Joel Dommett commented, "Love this", while an endless number of fans wrote, "So true".

Many also shared the joys exercise brings them. "I totally agree! I absolutely love exercising, particularly in nature... And the cherry on top is doing it with a friend too - Honestly I'm in heaven!" wrote one, while another said, "So true going to the gym saved me after a traumatic break up. I’m now a completely different person" and another "Also makes me proud of what my body can do".

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McCall is known for her love of health and fitness, regularly discussing subjects like menopause and self-love on social media, and sharing motivational messages and exercise routines.

Last month she also opened up about the loss of her father, after his battle with Alzheimer’s disease. "He lived life. He loved us. And we loved him. With all our hearts. He leaves an enormous hole in our lives," she wrote. She has used exercise to help with her grief too.

In a recent post thanking her followers for their support, she said, "I really felt it. Thank you. Secondly, I just want to go on about how much exercise helps me. I've done my first proper bit of exercise since he died. And yeah, god it really helps."

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