Davina McCall on ageing and why her 50s are a “banger of a decade”

Megan Sutton
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Fans of TV presenter and fitness guru Davina McCall will know she’s a huge advocate of self-love – a quick scroll through her Instagram feed will give you enough positive mantras and empowering selfies to get you through even the toughest of days. True to form, 51-year-old Davina has been spreading the message of loving yourself at every age in our new issue.

Speaking about ageing on her Good Housekeeping cover shoot, Davina shared that she’s totally embraced the process.

Photo credit: Rachell Smith / GH

“I feel better about it now than I ever have. You get to a point where you realise you can’t do anything about it, so why worry?” she said.

“My boobs are going down, my bum is going down and admittedly, I went through a stage where every time I looked in the mirror I’d think ‘What would I look like if I had something done?’ But I’ve decided that changing and ageing is okay.”

Photo credit: Rachell Smith/ GH

While she’s only at the start of her 50s, Davina revealed she’s loving the decade so far.

My 50s are a banger of a decade! Every age has a different set of hurdles to get over, but I’ve calmed down a bit and I’m feeling a lot more at peace with myself,” she said.

“It’s a kind of self-acceptance, warts and all. We talk about that a lot in recovery. Once you stop trying to be perfect, it’s such a relief,” she added.

Photo credit: Rachell Smith/ GH

Entering a new decade of life isn’t all Davina’s had to get to grips with of late, in 2017 she announced her split from husband of 17 years Matthew Robertson.

The mum of three spoke to us about solo parenting and getting used to her ‘new normal’.

“Matthew is quite hands on, so I have support from him. We share the school runs in the morning, which is really nice. I won’t deny it feels quite full on when I’m on my own though.

“Now that Tilly’s nearly 16, I can go out and leave her and Chester at home for the evening, which has made quite a difference. I’m finding my new normal,” she said.

Photo credit: Good Housekeeping

The full interview appears in the June issue of Good Housekeeping, on sale now.

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