David Foster enjoys being an older dad

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David Foster and Katharine McPhee have an 11-month-old son credit:Bang Showbiz
David Foster and Katharine McPhee have an 11-month-old son credit:Bang Showbiz

David Foster thinks it is "great" being a dad in his 70s.

The 72-year-old producer's wife Katharine McPhee gave birth to their son Rennie 11 months ago and the songwriter - who has five adult daughters from previous relationships, as well as seven grandchildren - has more time to give the tot than he did when his other kids were growing up.

He told People magazine: "It's just great being a dad. It's too cliché to say 'Now I have more time,' but I do: I have more time. Without any reflection on any of my other children, whom I all love equally, and equally as much as my son."

David insisted his son isn't yet showing signs of having inherited his famous parents' talents.

He joked: "He plays Mozart and Bach flawlessly."

He then added: "At 11 months?... Obviously, we don't see any musical talent yet, but who knows?"

Much has been made of the 35-year age gap between David and Katharine, 37, but he insisted it isn't something that concerns them.

He said: "People always make the reference with Kat and I with the age difference, but I've always said there's so many things that can bring a marriage down, and age difference is just one of them. There's so many things that can go wrong. We think we have it pretty together."

David will be returning to Wynn Las Vegas' Encore Theater in April for more of his 'An Intimate Evening' shows and his wife will be among the special guests, which, like when she joined him on stage for some recent gigs, he's very grateful to her for giving up her time.

He said: "Our baby's 11 months old, so she wants to get back to work full time — and it won't be with me, probably.

"I'm really grateful to her that she just goes, 'OK, I'll grab the baby, I'll come out, and sing a few songs.' It's really great — she's a star."

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