Transgender man's pre and post transition photos go viral: 'Not everyone has to show “signs” to be transgender'

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A Transgender man has been sharing his inspiring journey on Instagram [Photo: Instagram/@tboy61915]
A Transgender man has been sharing his inspiring journey on Instagram [Photo: Instagram/@tboy61915]

“Don’t judge a book by its cover.” It’s something that’s been drummed into us since childhood by our parents, teachers, EVERYONE and it’s the same important message one transgender man wants to remind the world.

Musician Jaimie Wilson, who was born a woman but has now transitioned to a man, has been sharing beautiful before and after images of himself on Instagram in a bid to show that not all trans people exhibit signs of identifying with the opposite gender before they transition.

Sharing an image of himself as a women pre-transition and an image of him now, the musician explained that many people wouldn’t accept he was transgender at first because they perceived him as being too “feminine” for the first 18 years of his life.

“I am posting this picture to show that not everyone has to show “signs” to be transgender,” he wrote in the caption.

“You don’t have to pass a test to prove you’re trans…and you sure as hell don’t need ANYONES approval but your own. This life is about finding yourself and becoming YOU. No one’s journey is the same…so stop comparing yourself to others.”

Going on to explain that he was posting the comparison to prove that it doesn’t matter what someone looks like, if they tell you who or what they are, then they deserve your support.

“If someone has the guts to tell you “I’m transgender” “I’m gay” “I’m bisexual” anything like that PLEASE BELIEVE them and be there for them because stereotypes need to be broken,” he concluded his caption.

And the Internet was quick to show its support for the inspirational post. Since sharing, Jaimie’s post has been liked more than 32K times and received thousands of comments from people praising Jamie for his empowering message.

“Your story is so eye opening and inspiring! So glad you are able to be you and thank you for opening my eye to transgender people; we’re all human we don’t get to choose the body we’re given but we get to change it if it’s not what we’re meant to be. Stay happy and stay inspiring,” one fan wrote.

“You look brilliant both as a woman and a man, but what matters is what skin you feel most comfortable in!” added another

“I have never respected someone so much over a picture before. You are beautiful either way, but it’s how you truly feel about yourself that matters. Thank you for sharing this and your inspirational words with the world. You truly are an inspiration!” another fan commented.

Others hoped that Jaimie’s message might encourage other members of the trans community to speak out about their own journeys.

“I think your story is amazing. I hope it empowers more of us in the LGBTQ community to be more open,” wrote one user.

It’s not the first time the transgender awareness advocate has opened up about his journey. Using his social media profiles as a platform Jaimie regularly shares side-by-side images pre and post transition alongside inspiring messages offering support to others in similar positions.

But though his candid posts are often filled with positivity, he also shares some of the lows he’s experienced including being disowned by his entire family when he first came out.

“Coming out as transgender was the best and worst day of my life thus far,” he wrote in a moving Facebook post.

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“I miss having my family in my life…I miss my parents being proud of me…but you know what I don’t miss? I don’t miss the nights I laid alone battling with my feelings…I don’t miss waiting for everyone to leave the house so I could put on masculine clothes and tuck my long hair under a hat…I don’t miss hiding,” he continued.

“When you look at me I’m not the strongest, the tallest, or the most handsome man…but you know what I AM? I’m finally ME and god does it feel so good.”

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