'Perfection doesn't exist,' says Dannii Minogue, 50, in IWD post to her younger self

Dannii Minogue pictured at a press conference. (Getty Images)
Dannii Minogue speaks directly to her younger self in heartfelt note shared this International Women's Day. (Getty Images)

Dannii Minogue has marked International Women's Day with a note to her younger self about what she's learnt since being in her 50s.

The singer and actor shared a picture of herself as a child, telling mini Minogue she's 'learnt perfection doesn't exist', despite having strived for it for so long.

Minogue also shared what IWD, a date dedicated to celebrating the achievements of women around the world, really means to her.

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"Happy International Women's Day!" she said. "Today is about finding our strength to be the best versions of ourselves, supporting other women and including all humans in the pursuit of equality.

"Every day we evolve..."

Addressing her own personal evolution, and explaining that Australian audio service LiSTNR asked her to write a note to her younger self in celebration of IWD2022, she wrote, "So here goes..."

Older Minogue's note to younger Minogue reads, "Hey you! From the over 50s club, I've learnt that perfection doesn't exist, but I've had so many great adventures striving for it.

"There will be many ups and downs. Just like a roller coaster; hang on and, most importantly, enjoy the ride!"

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Injecting some humour, she added some practical advice too, "Hot tip: Don't over-pluck your eyebrows, and just know that somehow you eventually grow into those teeth.

"What would you tell your younger self if you had the chance today?"

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Many fans filled the comments, commending her "beautiful" letter, as well as pointing out how "adorable" and "cute" she looked in the throwback photo.

As prompted by Minogue – previously a presenter on the the X Factor UK and currently one on The Masked Singer Australia – women were inspired to share their own notes to their younger selves.

One wrote, "I'd say to my younger self: it gets better, life will turn out good in the end, you have the best support system and you are powering through every hurdle."

Another shared, "I would tell my younger self that you are ALWAYS enough, with hard work and dedication comes success (success can be defined in any ways). Be true to yourself authenticity is everything."

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Speaking on body image, a fan added, "Great advice… I’d tell my younger self to love her body at every age and be kind to it, for it’ll take her on the most amazing adventures and it deserves a lot of love."

Minogue also announced via her Instagram stories today that it's been almost 25 years since she released her album Girl, saying, "It captured a moment in time that I am still happy this day to re-live," sharing another throwback photo of her with the record, when her hair was bleached blonde.

So what message would you send to your younger self this International Women's Day?

Australian singer Dannii Minogue posed in London in 1991. (Getty Images)
A throwback shot of Dannii Minogue in London, 1991. (Getty Images)