Daniel Craig debuts brand new hairstyle at rare red carpet appearance with Rachel Weisz

Daniel Craig, sporting a new longer hairstyle and wearing a navy suit and bowtie, arrives for The Albies hosted by the Clooney Foundation
Daniel Craig's new hairstyle is a huge departure from his usual sharp, short look. (Getty Images)

Daniel Craig is known for his steely-eyed gaze, framed by his signature short and sharp hairstyle. But the James Bond star, 55, recently stepped out with a very different look that has fans doing a double take.

Attending the Clooney Foundation For Justice event in New York City on Thursday night, Craig cut a rather suave figure with his dark blonde hair styled in a quiff. He wore tinted glasses with thin silver frames, and a navy double-breasted suit with a matching bowtie.

The actor seems to have grown out his hair quite significantly compared to his usual cropped hairstyle. Featuring an off-centre parting, it was styled with a voluminous wave that swept over the top of his forehead, ending in a subtle flick over his temple.

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It also appears that Craig may have dyed his hair a dark golden hue. Earlier this year, he was seen at Wimbledon with natural streaks of silver in his hair, which at the time was cut short.

He attended the event with Rachel Weisz, who appeared elegant in a full-length black-and-white sleeveless dress and a black clutch.

Rachel Weisz, wearing a black-and-white dress, and Daniel Craig, wearing a navy double-breasted suit with a matching bowtie, smile and hold hands on the red carpet
Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig made a rare red carpet appearance at The Albies hosted by the Clooney Foundation For Justice. (Getty Images)

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The couple, who have been married since 2011, held hands and smiled as they posed for photographs on the red carpet before entering the event.

Other celebrities who attended the star-studded event, which was hosted by Amal and George Clooney for the second year running, included Anne Hathaway and her husband Adam Shulman, Kate Moss, Mark Ronson, Scarlett Johansson, Cindy Crawford, Emily Blunt and John Krasinski, and more.

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While Craig opted to grow out his locks, another celebrity has decided to shave it all off. Bradley Cooper was spotted recently sporting a buzzcut while out and about in New York City - a far cry from his usual mane.

It is unclear if Cooper’s new low-maintenance look is for a role or a personal choice, but he’s no stranger to a buzz cut. According to GQ Magazine, the last time the Maestro star took clippers to his scalp was during the pandemic, and prior to that, he had an even closer shave in 2014.

Buzzcuts among male celebrities became popular this year, after Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson debuted his shaved head in January and Shawn Mendes shocked fans by getting rid of his curly locks in February.

Following an outcry from disappointed fans, Mendes explained to the Wall Street Journal that he made the dramatic change because he believed "everyone should know what they look like with a shaved head".

"I was also just feeling this urge to just shake myself up a little bit," he added.