Are daily facial exercises the key to looking young?

Facial exercises
30 minutes of facial exercises can reportedly prevent the effects of ageing [Photo: Getty]

The post-Christmas stretch is hard on most bank accounts, but no need to fear, as there is no longer the need to splurge on overpriced anti-ageing creams.

A new study published in JAMA Dermatology reveals that 30 minutes of facial exercises a day can reduce the appearance of wrinkles in just five months.

The workout, formally known as ‘Facial Yoga’, reportedly increases blood circulation to all three layers of the skin and allows oxygen to access each cell.

And according to findings by Northwestern University, after a five-month course of facial exercises, 27 middle-aged women concluded that they looked three years younger.

Lead author Dr Murad Alam revealed, “Now there is some evidence that facial exercises may improve facial appearance and reduce some visible signs of ageing.”

He continued: “Assuming the findings are confirmed in a larger study, individuals now have a low-cost, non-toxic way for looking younger or to augment other cosmetic or anti-ageing treatments they may be seeking.”

Try Facial Yoga at home

Researchers used 32 facial exercises from Gary Sikorski of Happy Face Yoga who also acted as a co-author of the study.

Sexy Face

Designed to work the ‘Obiculoris Oris’ (otherwise known as the kissing muscle) ‘Sexy Face’ is a must for beginners. Simply pucker up, kiss your hand and blow a kiss. Repeat ten times.

Facial exercises
Will you ditch anti-ageing creams for facial yoga? [Photo: Getty]

Grumpy Face

Another popular exercise courtesy of FaceGym is the ‘Grumpy Face’ which is designed to decrease the appearance of wrinkles on the forehead.

To begin, rest the heel of your hand on the forehead and top of the brows. Hold the forehead firmly with with hands facing upwards. Then, try to frown and pull the brows down. Repeat ten times.

Sad face

Designed to eliminate the risk of ‘turkey neck’, the ‘sad face’ exercise is a must for beginners.

First, bring the corners of your mouth downwards and hold for ten seconds. Repeat as desired.

But does it work?

A panel were asked to rate the changes discovered following the exercises. Raters estimated that the appearance of ageing decreased over the course of the study from an average of 50.8 years to 48.

Upper cheek and lower cheek fullness was also significantly enhanced according to participants.

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