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According to Bey’s longtime make-up man, John Barnett, there are a couple of tricks to staying looking as young as the singer does. Use eye cream all over the face, drink kale and use face cream all over your bod. [Photo: PA/Getty/Yahoo Style UK]

Celebrities That Appear Age-Proof (And Their Beauty Secrets)

Anyone who has watched ‘Stranger Things’ will attest to the fact that the series’ female star, Winona Ryder, hasn’t aged a day since we saw her play another form of crazy in ‘Girl, Interrupted’ a whopping 17 years ago. In fact, it’s all anyone could talk about on Twitter. 

But Winona’s not the only star that still looks exactly the same over a decade later. There are numerous Hollywood starlets that appear to have cracked the secret to fighting ageing - at least externally. 

Above, the celebrities that have clearly been drinking from the fountain of youth.