Mum blogger shares image of her infected scar to prove caesareans aren't the easy way out

A parenting blogger has shared an image of her caesarean scar to prove it isn't the easy way out [Photo: Instagram/themodernmumma]
A parenting blogger has shared an image of her caesarean scar to prove it isn’t the easy way out [Photo: Instagram/themodernmumma]

A blogger has shared a picture of her infected C-section scar to prove that giving birth via caesarean isn’t an easy way out.

Mel Watts is known for her honest and open posts about the realities of parenting and the impact being a mum can have on your body.

From sharing images of her stomach days after giving birth to giving a graphically detailed account of her caesarean, Mel hopes that opening up about her experiences will help reassure women that they’re not alone and that giving birth via caesarean isn’t always a walk in the park

In her latest post, the mother-of-four has shared a graphic image of her using a hairdryer on the cool setting to treat and dry out her infected C-section scar.

“Sometimes it doesn’t matter how clean you keep it or how many you’ve had there is always that chance you’ll become one of the statistics,” Mel wrote in the accompanying caption.

“With a nursing background the idea of this happening freaked me out,” she continued. “Seriously I think of the wound tracking up into my uterus causing me to have internal uterus rupture [which isn’t even a thing] and by the time I get found unconscious of course I’d have a dehisced wound…”

“Okay that’s not going to happen I’m on antibiotics and being extremely anal, however I shouldn’t of googled Caesarean section wound infections,” she writes.

Mel finishes her post by using the hashtag #easywayout which refers to the birth-shame women often feel when they have to give birth via caesarean section.

The new mum feels it’s important to call out the idea that C-sections are in any way an easy option, and many of her fans were quick to agree and share their own experiences of infected scars.

“I can’t believe some people think this is the easy way out. I’ve had two and and it’s tough even without complications… I hope you’re on the mend,” one woman wrote.

“Mine got infected after my son and re opened at one end,” another woman shared. “I didn’t have any symptoms (no temp or pain) only pus leaking out (so gross). Needed to be debrided inside for the wound to heal and had a VAC dressing on for two weeks. Was completely healed after 12 weeks. Yep-easy way out.”

“I had a postpartum infection after my C-section and was in hospital for 48 hours on an IV!! It’s definitely not the easy way out,” another mum wrote.

Though Mel was keen to highlight the fact that giving birth via caesarean should not be considered an easy option, she is also keen to explain that the risk of infections shouldn’t put women off the birth method if it is right for you.

“I’m feeling 110% better,” she wrote in her blog. “I’m walking fine I don’t need pain relief and haven’t for a week.”

“The caesarean section was the best one I’ve had. Now it can read scary and daunting BUT if you share your fears with the nurses and doctors they listen and they really, really help you,” she continued.

“Caesarean sections are scary. It’s totally normal to have some level of fear before you go in there. It can be overwhelming but afterwards you think to yourself it wasn’t all that bad was it. Totally worth all of it.”

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