Couple who got engaged as teenagers like Millie Bobby Brown have 'no regrets'

A composite image of Saffie and Zac Michaelis on their wedding day and Millie Bobby Brown. (SWNS/Getty Images)
Saffie and Zac Michaelis got engaged when they were 18 and 19, just like Millie Bobby Brown. (SWNS/Getty Images)

A British couple who got engaged as teenagers say they have “no regrets” about committing to each other so young, as actor Millie Bobby Brown has revealed she’s engaged at 19.

Saffie and Zac Michaelis met at a friend’s 18th birthday party in February 2017 and got engaged just 10 months later.

“We did discuss it first,” Saffie, now 24, says. “We started discussing it because we were both looking at university options. We were on a gap year that year but the year after we were both looking to go to uni.

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“Our thinking was that when couples go to uni they either break up before, or try to make it work but break up, or you come out the other end and generally end up staying together long term.

“We wanted to go into uni knowing no fight would be our last fight and that we would learn to fit and grow together rather than quit.”

Saffie says she thinks the Stranger Things actor “probably has quite an old soul” after growing up in the public eye.

Saffie and Zac Michaelis on their wedding day. (SWNS)
Saffie and Zac were engaged for four years before getting married in September 2021. (SWNS)

“I think they'd [Brown and her fiance, Jacob Bongiovi] both have their heads screwed onto their shoulders so why shouldn't they get engaged?” Saffie adds.

Saffie, who lives in West London, says that she and Zac tied the knot in September 2021 after a four-year engagement and that her friends were sceptical about at first.

“When we first got engaged my close friends weren't 100% convinced it was legitimate,” she explains. “We have a running joke that my very closest friends didn't bother writing a congratulations card because they didn't think it would end up in marriage.

“But once we put an announcement out in the newspaper and some time passed they got on board. Our wedding was categorically the most incredible day of both of our lives. Because we were so young when we met, both of our families are each others families too.”

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They married four years after their engagement as their parents gave them their blessing to get married on the condition that they waited until after they finished university.

“All of our friends grew up together so it was a wonderful day full of genuine love. Zac and I have only grown to fit each other better over time,” Saffie adds.

“When you're so young you're almost a half grown person, so you grow the other half of you to fit the person you're with. We grew to be complete people together.

"Life is blissful now. Talking to my friends, so many people seem to have existential angst living in their early 20s. I'm so lucky we're building a home together and building everything I ever wanted.”

Saffie and Zac Michaelis. (SWNS)
Saffie and Zac's parents asked them to wait until after they'd finished university to get married. (SWNS)

Saffie says the backlash Brown has received for her young engagement is “ridiculous”.

"For me, I grew up really fast living in London, so whilst 18 sounds really young we were old souls and also marriage doesn't stop you from going out or living your life, you just do it with another person,” Saffie continues.

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“So long as you've both got your heads screwed on, why not give it a go? There's no harm in waiting either, but I don't think you should judge anyone else. For me, married life is blissful.

“We have no regrets getting engaged so young and it's one of the best decisions I've ever made.”

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