Coronavirus: Dynasty star Emma Samms say she is still experiencing ‘long Covid’ symptoms five months on

Emma Samms has opened up about her experience with coronavirus, revealing that she is still dealing with symptoms five months on.

On Wednesday, the Dynasty star appeared on Good Morning Britain via video call, where she discussed her health with presenters Kate Garraway and Adil Ray.

Speaking about her illness, Samms said she first began suffering symptoms of Covid-19 in March. At this time, she said she visited hospital with shortness of breath and chest pains but doctors told her that her symptoms were not severe enough for admission and she was therefore not given a test.

“I didn't test positive because in March they didn't test you unless you were going to be admitted,” she said.

“So I was seen at the hospital, I had shortness of breath and chest pains, various other symptoms, but they sent me home and said to come back if it gets any worse.”

The actor went on to explain that ever since then her health has been fluctuating, adding that doctors are unable to tell her anything about “long Covid” – a term used to refer to someone who suffers from long-lasting coronavirus symptoms.

“I kept thinking ‘Right two weeks, they're saying two weeks and then I’ll feel better’, and I just didn't,” Samms said.

“There would be a good day and then I would get back out in the garden and try and do some gardening and the next day I would be completely wiped out. It's very unpredictable which is annoying to say the least, incredibly frustrating.”

Despite her ongoing symptoms, Samms expressed that she wanted to stress that she feels grateful not to have been hospitalised.

“I do want to stress I'm still one of the very lucky ones”, she explained. “I wasn't hospitalised, I wasn't in the ICU.

Emma Samms is still experiencing symptoms of coronavirus (ITV/Good Morning Britain)
Emma Samms is still experiencing symptoms of coronavirus (ITV/Good Morning Britain)

“Relatively speaking, even with these ongoing symptoms, I consider myself very lucky.”

She added that it is frustrating how little awareness there is among members of the public and the medical world about “long Covid” and how some doctors have told her they do not know if she will ever fully recover.

“Nobody knows. This is the thing, I’m assuming that eventually I will get better but nobody knows,” she said.

“The doctors who I’ve spoken to have said, they just don't know, this is a new virus. Those are the ones I trust the most.”

Garraway, whose husband Derek Draper remains in hospital battling Covid-19, admitted that not having answers about the disease is something she has become “used to”.

“The sentence, 'We just don't know' is something I have a lot of experience on with dealing with the impact on Derek,” the TV host said.

”And it's a real sentence from the doctors, there are new problems with Covid everyday that we're having to deal with.”

The actor discussed her ongoing health issues on Good Morning Britain (ITV/Good Morning Britain)
The actor discussed her ongoing health issues on Good Morning Britain (ITV/Good Morning Britain)

Garraway went on to ask Samms if she has been given a lung scan to check for any scarring due to her persistent symptoms.

Samms replied: “I've had some scans but I haven't had an MRI scan which would show certain lung damage and certain heart inflammation.

“Some studies have shown lots of people who suffered with Covid are left with that. So it's just a bit of a mystery.”

The British actor added that she hopes further research on her condition will be able to take place and provide her with some answers when the pandemic is more under control.

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