How to cool a bottle of wine in just a few minutes

Don’t compromise [Photo: Pexels]
Don’t compromise [Photo: Pexels]

It’s one of those great sadnesses in life: Looking forward to cracking open a bottle of pinot grigio, before realising you forgot to cool it.

Cue shoving it in the freezer, before giving into impatience and drinking it lukewarm instead.

If this happens again, however, hold off from using this tactic – a sommelier has revealed a sneaky shortcut to getting that bottle cool.

Instead, you should fill a bucket with ice, water and salt. Apparently, if you put the wine in that for a few minutes, it’ll be cool.

The ice-and-water bit will make sense to us non-scientists out here, but what about the salt bit?

Time to add a vat of salt to that Tesco order [Photo: Pexels]
Time to add a vat of salt to that Tesco order [Photo: Pexels]

Master sommelier Brian McClintic told My Domaine that this “works like a charm” because salt reduces the freezing point of water, allowing it to cool further without becoming ice.

“An ice water bath with plenty of salt,” he suggested. “The full bottle should be submerged. It’s hard to say how much salt – let’s just say a liberal amount.

“What happens is the bottle is encased in ice and therefore comes down in temperature much more quickly.”

Pretty life changing stuff, and certainly something we’ll be trying this weekend.

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