Conscious uncoupling and other weird and wonderful celebrity breakup statements

This is updated from a previous piece published in April 2018.

Celebrity breakups can be heartbreaking. Not only for the couple involved (obvs) but also for us mere mortals for whom every A-list split destroys a little of our faith in love and happily ever after.

Just last night, actor Liam Hemsworth released a break-up statement on his Instagram confirming his split from Miley Cyrus after less than eight months of marriage.

In real life, when a relationship comes to an end it’s painful enough having to tell your mates, mum and maybe even your kids, but spare a thought for those famous folk who have to open up about it to the entire planet.

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Yep, celebrities can’t just hide away heaving into the Haagen Dazs they have to issue an actual statement declaring their relationship failure to the whole world.

“As a celebrity it is incredibly tricky it is to put out a breakup statement,” says Tiffany Wright, romance expert and Founder and Director of UK and Europe’s first Romance Planning company ‘The One Romance’

“Whereas us normal people can just break up and go and cry in private, celebs have to actually put something together to reveal to everyone, which must be incredibly pressuring.”

Sure, they probably have a bit of help from publicists in picking their words, but boy those break up statements are fascinating.

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Whether they’re throwing hidden shade to their former partner or declaring a new found love for being placed in the friend zone, the unofficial celebrity requirement to put pen to paper and declare their public pain can reveal some interesting insights about their relationships.

Here’s our pick of the most shocking celebrity breakups and their thought-provoking, and in some cases plain weird (“consciously uncoupling” anyone?), statements.