Woman shares simple hack for keeping clothes smelling fresh for longer

Women places folded clothes into pink shelves in a cupboard. A simple hack could keep clothes smelling fresher for longer. (Getty Images)
A super simple and inexpensive hack could keep your clothes smelling fresher for longer. (Getty Images)

A new year means a new start, which is why we think now is the perfect time to try a hack to spruce the way you store your clothes.

As the cold months continue to linger, it can be hard to keep clothes smelling fresh, especially if your home suffers from a mould or damp problem.

However, one TikTok user has revealed a super-simple trick to keeping her clothes smelling just-taken-out-of-the-dryer clean – a hack she was told by her grandmother.

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TikTok user Julia’s (@_boringbb_) video has been viewed an impressive 617,000 times and received over 123,000 “likes”.

In the video she explains that she came across the hack while visiting her grandmother’s house.

During the visit, Julia noticed that there were bars of wrapped soap kept in her grandmother’s drawers.

When she asked her grandmother about it, she replied: “Oh honey, you didn’t know? That’s how you keep your clothes smelling nice.”

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Doing a little more digging into the subject, Julia told her followers: “Apparently, if you take a nice neutral wrapped bar of soap, this one is lavender, but you can use cotton or whatever, it will last 15 to 20 years.

“I had no idea but I tried it out for a few months and it’s amazing. My clothes smell amazing. Definitely give it a go.”

TikTok users were quick to comment in support of the idea, with one person writing: “I thought everyone knew about this. Also, fabric perfumes and potpourri bags, both last forever too. My clothes always smell good.”

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Another added: “I use little bags of dried lavender, also works really well.”

However, the hack didn’t work for everyone as one person complained: “I did that once at my last place with an oatmeal soap and some mice went in and ate it and s*** all over my clothes.”

The hack was even touted by fashion brand Free People back in 2013 on its blog. At the time it wrote: “Place a bar of your favourite scented soap inside your closet or dresser drawers. Not only will this have your clothes smelling fantastic, you’ll get a nice, refreshing whiff each time you open a drawer.”

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