Woman shares simple hack to rid your home of fruit flies

Washing your bananas could help to banish fruit flies from your home. (Getty Images)
Washing your bananas could help to banish fruit flies from your home. (Getty Images)

Fruit flies are one of life's little annoyances - gathering around your fruit bowl, in your wine glass and generally causing a nuisance of themselves.

From trying (and failing) to swat them away from your face, to unsuccessfully trapping them in your hands, getting rid of the pesky pests is near on impossible.

But one woman has shared a hack to help banish the lingering insects from your home for good.

Tonya Bee aka @thatcleanbee on TikTok shared a tip to the video sharing platform, revealing the simple yet effective method that has seen no fruit fly enter her home in years.

"Best fruit fly hack," the professional cleaner captioned the clip.

"Since I started doing this (years ago) I’ve maybe had one time where I had fruit flies."

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Bee shared that the best way to get rid of fruit flies is to wash bananas as soon as you get them home from the shop.

"Fruit flies lay eggs on the bananas then you bring them into your house and they hatch and you have fruit flies," she explained.

"So make sure you wash them as soon as you get home."

Unsurprisingly, people were somewhat amazed by the cheap and simple hack that could solve the fruit fly problem for all.

"You’ve just changed my life," one user praised. "I always get them right after bananas."

"Literally never washed a banana before.. house full of fruit flies," another commented.

"OMG!!! Thank you!!! It was driving me CRAZY.. how were they coming into our house?? Our house is very clean. This blew my mind lol," another fan added.

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Other commenters shared their own methods for keeping fruit flies at bay.

"Also, pull your bananas apart so they aren’t in a bunch anymore, then wash them. They like to lay the eggs up where the stems join!," one user shared.

"And don't forget to spray/pour white vinegar down the drain/plug hole," yet another added.

Fruit flies are one of life's little annoyances. (Getty Images)
Fruit flies are one of life's little annoyances. (Getty Images)

What the experts say

John Stewart, from the technical team at eco-conscious pest control brand Green Protect, says washing fruit, including bananas, is just one of the simple home remedies people can adopt to help get rid of fruit flies.

"Fruit flies can be a real nuisance especially when you cannot find the source of them," he says.

"Drosophila melanogaster is one of the most frequent species found around the home, noticeable for having bright red eyes and are slow cumbersome flyers!"

Stewart says adult fruit flies like to seek out rotting and fermenting fruit and vegetables, so believes Clean Bee's hack will definitely help to deter fruit flies from your fruit bowl.

“This applies to all fruit, but in particular bananas and melons," he explains. "By rinsing fruits under cool running water and gently washing with your hands it will remove fruit fly eggs and any pesticides from the surface. Once washed, simply allow fruit to dry on a towel before eating.

“If you’re cutting up your fruit, make sure to store in the fridge in an airtight container to help prevent fruit flies already in the environment from laying eggs on the surface of the fruits.”

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Regularly changing your bin is another method of keeping fruit flies at baby. (Getty Images)
Regularly changing your bin is another method of keeping fruit flies at baby. (Getty Images)

Stewart also recommends thoroughly washing out empty food, beverage containers and any residues in recycling receptacles to prevent the flies feeding on fermenting food.

“Place fruit in a cool area in a bowl with a cloche cover to further deny fruit flies gaining access to your fruit," he continues.

“And check jars of pickles and sauces for any damage, and store them in the refrigerator to further deter the pests."

Another tip Stewart suggests is emptying the recycling bin in the kitchen on a regular basis, and ensuring that external bins are well sealed and placed well away from open windows and doors.

Turning your attention to your drains could be another method for controlling the fruit fly population in your home.

“As food residues tend to get trapped in the overflow pipes, clean the sink drains regularly as this provides a breeding site for fruit flies," he adds.