Clear brain fog with this totally free menopause hack you probably haven't thought of

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Staying hydrated in menopause is essential (Getty)

If you're navigating menopause, we bet you've tried all sorts of remedies, from HRT to cold water swimming to herbal solutions and meditation.

What if we told you there's a totally free way to ease menopause symptoms such as brain fog, headaches and bladder issues?

Here, wellness expert Simone Thomas, 42, reveals her essential advice when it comes to navigating the perils of menopause.

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Simone Thomas is a wellness and menopause expert

Simone Thomas' menopause advice

"As we gracefully shimmy through the golden years, staying well-hydrated becomes the secret sauce to maintaining hormonal harmony and that youthful glow," says Simone, revealing that water is her must-have for menopause.

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"Ageing, a process as inevitable as finding glitter in unexpected places, brings with it a shift in our moisture-retaining ability – which means staying hydrated is essential for a healthy menopause.".

Why hydration is essential in menopause

1. Glowing skin, fabulous hair and invincible nails

Who remembers in the 90s when celebs such as Britney and Jlo used to claim their amazing looks were down to drinking water? While they likely had much more of a helping hand than they let on, water probably did play a part.

"Hydration is the beauty elixir we all need," confirms Simone. "It's nature's own highlighter, giving us radiant skin, as well as luscious hair and strong nails."

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2. Bye-bye to urinary issues 

According to My Menopause Centre, around a third of people going through menopause experience bladder infections. This could be because low oestrogen means we produce less healthy bacteria to help prevent infections.

"Staying well-hydrated helps reduce the risk of urinary issues, meaning no more emergency dashes to the loo," says Simone. This is because drinking plenty of water helps flush the bacteria out of your urinary tract.

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3. Headache repellent

"Headaches are an unwelcome gatecrasher at the menopause party, but hydration is your personal bouncer, showing those headaches the exit door and leaving you to enjoy the festivities," says Simone.

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Headaches can be eased by hydration (Getty)

4. Banish brain fog

"Hydration can act as a brain-boosting elixir," says Simone. "Wave goodbye to brain fog and say hello to a well-hydrated, supercharged brain. Watch out, Sudoku – here we come!"

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What to drink in menopause

Water is of course the main way to stay hydrated in menopause, but Simone explains other beverages are useful too.

1. Water

"Our trusty H2O is the James Bond of beverages – cool, reliable, and never goes out of style when it comes to menopausal hydration," says Simon. "If water is a bit bland for your liking, add a slice of lemon or lime. Just make sure you drink a minimum of two litres per day to stay at the top of your game."

2. Milk

"Think of milk as the superhero sidekick, packed with calcium, swooping in to save our bones, which can become brittle during menopause," says Simone.

3. Tea and coffee

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Herbal teas can help with meopause symptoms (Getty)

"Caffeine is a frenemy in the beverage world. Sip it in moderation. Herbal teas are the caffeine-free superheroes, rescuing you from hormonal havoc," Simone adds.

Cheers to a hydrated, harmonious journey menopause!

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