Claudia Winkleman's 8-word apology to her BBC Radio replacement for her bizarre habit

Claudia Winkleman issued a cheeky 8-word apology to Romesh Ranganathan before his BBC Radio 2 debut, after leaving the studio in a bit of a mess because of a bizarre habit. The Strictly Come Dancing star sent her best wishes to the comedian and TV personality live on BBC One while discussing her latest work project.

While chatting about her new Channel 4 series, The Piano, on BBC's The One Show, host Alex Jones gave Claudia the chance to send Romesh some good vibes and a heartfelt message in time for his upcoming first show.

Alex started off by saying: "People are very upset, Claudia, because you've stepped away from Radio 2..." But Claudia, with her usual wit, cut in: "They're not upset, I could hear them cheering! " Alex then mentioned: "But Romesh is fantastic also."

Claudia Winkleman on The One Show
Claudia Winkleman apologised for the rubbish left behind due to a bizarre habit -Credit:BBC

Claudia enthusiastically responded: "I mean, the funniest man alive, we are lucky to have him. I cannot wait to listen - I'm going to listen to him when I'm in Manchester."

"He starts 10 o'clock tomorrow, we wondered if you might have a good luck message for him? He's watching," Alex prompted, reports the Express.

Claudia was gull of praise while issuing her apology: "So, Romesh, you know you're the funniest man alive - full stop - no offence to [points to her fellow The One Show guests] you are also hilarious!

"And I just wish you enormous luck - you don't need luck - we, the listeners and Radio 2, are so lucky to have you."

Claudia then added a humorous apology: "Enjoy it, and sorry about my chewing of all the pens," which had everyone in the studio chuckling.

The beloved presenter's final appearance on BBC Radio 2 was last month, marking the end of an era after 15 years, with the last three spent entertaining Saturday morning audiences.

An emotional moment unfolded when Claudia received a touching tribute from Tess Daly, her Strictly Come Dancing co-host, who said: "I know how much you've absolutely loved doing your show and how much you love your listeners, but now you're going to spend your Saturday mornings with your family, and I know you're looking forward to doing that, so enjoy every moment."

Overwhelmed by Tess's surprise message, Claudia was visibly moved and exclaimed: "That is so... I didn't know that was happening. That's naughty! ".