Ciara wanted to be a hairdresser

Ciara wanted to be a hairdresser.

The 37-year-old pop star shot to fame in the early 2000s with hits such as 'Goodies' and '1, 2 Step' but admitted that when she was growing up in Georgia she dreamed of owning beauty salons.

She said: "You would’ve asked me what my job was going to be when I was this eight-year-old girl in Decatur, Georgia. and I would’ve told you I’m going to be doing hair. I was going to own hair salons. That was my vision. Hair was a big part of how we expressed in Georgia."

The 'Get Up' hitmaker went on to add that she would put her extensions in the microwave in an effort to "create a crispy curl."

She told Allure: "And then you know what I would do? Put it in the microwave. You put it in the microwave, so you create the crispy curl."

Meanwhile, Ciara launched her Vitamin C-based beauty line OAM in August and explained that she "doesn't think" about the competition from other celebrities with cosmetic brands and instead focuses on how "amazing" it has been to see women form a "sisterhood" through their products.

She said: "Honestly, I don’t really think about what everyone else is doing so much because I know the uniqueness of my product. You look around and you’re starting to see more women building out their beauty brands. I think that’s pretty amazing because it shows the power of how you can really build something if you desire to, and it’s also showing you the power of your platform. It’s been amazing to see how women have been taking charge and flipping the way we thought we always had to go through someone to do something. No, you can do it yourself."