The most popular day for marriage proposals is still to come

Photo credit: NBC - Getty Images
Photo credit: NBC - Getty Images

From Cosmopolitan

Never mind Valentine's Day, it looks like the festive season is still the most popular time of year for men and women to pop the question.

While the majority of weddings take place in the summer months, an estimated 100,000 proposals are likely to happen over the 2018 Christmas period, according to

The wedding planning website looked at month-by-month break down of engagements in 2017 and found that December was the most popular time for proposals, with 40% of all proposals taking place between this month and 14 February.

Photo credit: NBC - Getty Images
Photo credit: NBC - Getty Images

Taking this data, along with analysis of their client base, into consideration, Bridebook predicts that the most popular day for proposals this year is likely to be Christmas Day itself, followed closely by Christmas Eve and then New Year's Eve.

"We can see from the 120,000+ brides currently planning weddings on that the most popular month to get engaged is December, by a significant amount," Hamish Shephard, founder of commented. "This year Christmas Day falls just after a weekend too, so with a stretch of time off work people are able to escape with their loved ones.

"Expect to see Instagram snaps of rings hidden in advent calendars, in crackers and under Christmas trees over the next three weeks, as we enter the #proposalseason!"

Logistically, December is a great time for engagement announcements, with family and friends often already gathered to celebrate. It certainly makes for a Christmas that won't be forgotten.

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