Chrissy Teigen apologises in the best way for showing 'hooha'

Chrissy Teigen showed a bit more than she bargained for at the 2016 AMAs [Photo: Getty]

We applaud celebrities when they take a risk on the red carpet and everyone was rooting for Chrissy Teigen’s risqué look at last weekend’s American Music Awards.

Wearing a fitted black gown by Yousef Akbar held together by a simple gold safety pin, the world was watching with bated breath. Unfortunately, the media got their wish as the model revealed her ‘hooha’ in a major wardrobe malfunction.

On Monday, Chrissy felt it was only right to apologise for the debacle in her usual humorous way. Instagramming a picture – minus the genitals – she gave a shout out to her laser hair removal specialist, adding “apologies to anyone harmed mentally or physically by my hooha.”

Chrissy isn’t the only one to suffer on the red carpet recently with the likes of Nicole Kidman struggling not to reveal too much. And with the continuing rise of the ‘vagina dress’, it looks like we’d better brace ourselves for some more flashing.

In the meantime, celebrities: turn to Chrissy for tips on how to shut down the press.

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