Chocolate crumpets are now something you can buy

Alice Sholl
Just look at them [Photo: Instagram/Knead Baking]

They’re a legendary staple of the British diet: crumpets.

And as staples of the great British diet tend to be, they comprise largely butter, butter, and more butter.

But now, crumpets have something more to bring to the table as chocolate crumpets are now something that exist thanks to a bakery based in London.

Or as the bakery itself describes the crumpets on its Instagram: “There’s chocolate. There are crumpets. Then there are chocolate crumpets.”

Our thoughts exactly.

Health die hards look away; the crumpets are also served with maple butter.

Chocolate crumpets first made it into the limelight when featured on BBC Good Food after being spotted in the Selfridge’s Food Hall.

It’s no surprise they’ve caused such a stir as they’re not all looks either – these bad boys are 70% chocolate, according to the food website.

The range that was made especially for Valentine’s Day also included chocolate and orange, and chocolate and cinnamon too – so we’re hoping these might make a come back soon.

If you fancy a bite, they’re £4.79 for four at the Food Hall.

We don’t really have an excuse to eat something this intensely chocolatey and buttery, but don’t worry, we’ll definitely find one.

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