Children at nursery school could soon be taught about same-sex relationships and transgender issues

Should nursery school children be taught about same-sex relationships and transgender issues? [Photo: Unsplash via Pexels]

As well as learning their ABCs children at nursery school could soon be taught about same-sex relationships and transgender lifestyles. That’s if teachers have their way.

In a move they hope will help challenge homophobia and reduce hate crime, The National Union of Teachers (NUT) yesterday voted for “age-appropriate” content surrounding LGBT issues to be taught to children aged two to four.

Last month it was revealed that primary schools are likely to be legally obliged to teach about same-sex couples as part of new compulsory sex and relationship education. But the NUT believes the new measures don’t go far enough and wants children to be taught about the subject matter at an earlier age.

General secretary Kevin Courtney said it was important children are given “well-balanced, age-appropriate information” on relationships and LGBT issues.

“The alternative is many pupils being isolated, bullied or misinformed and, for many, there is an impact on health and wellbeing that can last well beyond school years,” he told the union’s annual conference in Cardiff.

At the moment Nurseries are not legally obliged to teach sex and relationships education, but because the NUT has nursery school members yesterday’s motion could see them introducing it on a voluntary basis.

Teachers believe children of nursery school age should learn about same-sex relationships [Photo: Markus Spiske via Pexels]

But its likely not everyone will be in favour of the move. A recent survey revealed that more than half of all parents do not think sex education should be taught to children from a young age in schools. So the news that it could in fact be taught to children of nursery school age will likely come as a blow to many parents.

The main reason parents gave for disagreeing with the practice of teaching sex education at younger ages was that it is: “inappropriate to teach children about sex”.

But other parents also said that it should be up to them to choose when and how to talk to their children about sex and sexuality.

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