McDonald's 'happy meal' meal transformed into fancy pasta dish by chef in viral video

McDonald's fans have been left horrified after a chef gave the chain's most beloved items the gourmet treatment. (Getty Images)
McDonald's fans have been left horrified after a chef gave the chain's most beloved items the gourmet treatment. (Getty Images)

There are few things that sound more glorious than a fancy dinner – but fans of McDonald's have suggested that the fast food chain's classics should be left well alone.

A chef has come under fire on TikTok after demonstrating how to give some of the brand's most beloved items the gourmet upgrade.

Danny Kim, a content creator based in the United States, asked talented cook Amy Brandwein to transform the contents of a Happy Meal box into a tortellini dish worthy of an upmarket restaurant.

In a viral video, she can be seen attentively getting to work on fries, chicken nuggets, sweet and sour sauce and two apple pies.

Brandwein could be seen in the clip – which has so far received more than 1.5 million views – first blending up the fries, along with parmesan cheese and a pre-made paste of flour, water, salt, milk, butter and eggs.

She then blends up the chicken nuggets and mixes them with the filling from the apple pies, which will be used as the filling for freshly made tortellini.

Next, the clever chef returns to the fries, which are being transformed – as viewers discover – into a French dish called pommes dauphine.

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Finally, Brandwein plates up the dish, adding as decoration chopped chives, the sweet and sour sauce and apple slices – which have been mixed with water and lemon – as well as the crumb of the apple pie.

Many social media users were impressed by how Brandwein had skilfully created a much more high-end meal – and left 133,000 'likes' on the post.

One person wrote "this looks amazing, let’s give it a try", while another commented "wow, 10/10".

However, there were also a high proportion of viewers who weren't best pleased by her efforts.

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Noting the apparent change in portion size, one person noted: "Bro all that food turned into three pieces of pasta."

Another agreed, adding: "Is no one going to talk about how much went into that and how little it was?"

Meanwhile, a third joked: "She lost me when she mixed the apple pie with the chicken nuggets."

Another teased: "I mean great job. You really just blended most of it."

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