Cheeseburger wrapping paper becomes internet hit

Vanessa Green
Yahoo Lifestyle

Tired of the old red, white and green wrapping paper? Looking for something more visually appetising to put under the tree? Well, you might be in luck. For all those food lovers out there, a tantalizing solution has potentially come to light – behold, the cheeseburger wrapping paper phenomenon.

Last week, the wrapping paper design that recreates each part of a cheeseburger, by stacking layers of sesame seed bun, beef patty, cheese, lettuce and tomato in a coordinated set, was the top food post on Tumblr.

The set by Gift Couture in New York was created by graphic designer Sarah Fay and Justin Cult - and the design duo are relying on crowd-sourced funds to get their start-up company off the ground.

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The company will produce unique papers that ‘coordinate together into conceptualized themes and sets’, according to their website.

The gift wrap contains original photography and is the first coordinated and themed set from their company.

The wrapping paper isn’t available for purchase yet, but you can help the fledgling start-up by donating pre-order funding to get the project off the ground.  If they are successful in their launch, they will release additional sets when can be purchased online and through their partners.

So far they have over 350 backers and almost £6,400 (US$10,000) in funding.

What do you think of this cheeseburger wrapping paper? Do you have any tips and tricks for wrapping gifts and making them look beautiful?

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