Charles Spencer shares 'achingly beautiful' photo of Princess Diana's resting place

Charles Spencer standing outside in a blue suit
Charles Spencer smiling (Getty)

Charles Spencer has shared a serene image of his sister Princess Diana's resting place at Althorp House.

Taking to Instagram on Sunday morning, the 9th Earl Spencer uploaded a breathtaking photo of Oval Lake cloaked with a thick layer of mist which appeared to rise from the water's surface.

lake covered in mist
Earl Spencer shared a serene photo of Oval Lake at at his family home in Northamptonshire (Instagram)

The ornamental lake, which is home to Diana's resting place, looked so tranquil in the morning light, surrounded by a cluster of trees. In his caption, Charles, 59, wrote: "Althorp's lake just now- an achingly beautiful, frozen, February morning."

Fans and friends were quick to share their thoughts in the comments section, with one writing: "I love the ethereal mist. A very beautiful vista" while another commented: "Thank you for sharing this with us. It's just breathtaking."

Diana's resting place at oval lake
The island is off-limits to the public (Instagram)

A third remarked: "The beauty you capture in all your photographs is amazing!" and a fourth added: "How hauntingly beautiful".

Princess Diana's resting place is only accessible via boat and is off-limits to the public.


There used to be a bridge in place so that visitors could access the island, however, it was later removed for security reasons.

Prince Harry revealed all in his memoir Spare, explaining: "The bridge had been removed, to give my mother privacy, to keep intruders away."

An aerial view of the burial site of Diana, Princess of Wales on the Round Oval lake
An aerial view of the burial site of Diana, Princess of Wales (Getty Images)

Beside the striking lake Charles, who lives at Althorp with his wife Karen, has also erected a poignant shrine as a tribute to Prince Harry and Prince William's mother. Unlike the island on the lake, the beautiful temple is accessible to the public and visitors typically leave flowers, cards and meaningful tributes.

Charles grew up at Althorp House with his three older sisters, including Princess Diana, and inherited the family home when his father John died in 1992.

He became the 9th Earl Spencer and has been working hard to renovate his family's ancestral seat alongside his wife Karen.

Earl Charles Spencer and Countess Karen Spencer attend the wedding of Prince Harry to Ms Meghan Markle at St George's Chapel, Windsor
Earl Charles Spencer and Karen tied the knot in 2011 (Getty Images)

Last week, Karen made an unexpected discovery at their majestic home. Taking to their joint instagram account, she shared an image of a large stone engraved with what appeared to be "half the Spencer family crest".

Recounting her discovery, she wrote in the caption: "Was in the basement (or cellars, as they like to call it here…) today turning down the heat. Yes, if I want to turn the heat down I have to go all the way into the bowels of the basement into the 3 different boiler rooms, one by one, and turn the boiler down. It’s very old-fashioned.

"Anyway, while I was down there, I started poking around, as I often do, and came across this amazing stone. It looks like it says 'This house was built in 1609'. Wonder where it came from. Will ask one of the old staff if they know."

Outside, meanwhile, the couple have been working hard to revamp the beautiful gardens including their walled 'drying garden' which they injected some new life into towards the end of 2023. Whilst the enclosed space was once "forlorn", the garden is now an explosion of colour thanks to the addition of vibrant dahlias and runner beans.