Channing Tatum and Sandra Bullocks daughters are best friends after preschool rows

Channing Tatum is glad the girls are friends credit:Bang Showbiz
Channing Tatum is glad the girls are friends credit:Bang Showbiz

Channing Tatum and Sandra Bullock's daughters "love each other now" after a row at preschool.

The 'Magic Mike' actor has reflected on the friendship between his nine-year-old daughter Everly and the 58-year-old star's girl Laila, 11, after they got into an "altercation" when they were younger.

Speaking to Vanity Fair for the outlet's Lie Detector Test feature, he said: "Our daughters got into a couple of scraps at school because they're both very, very, very strong-willed little girls.

"Yeah, it was, it was fun. It was a very fun year that year...

"They love each other now, literally can't like get enough of each other. They just want to hang out all the time."

Last year, Sandra revealed she and her 'Lost City' co-star first met in the preschool principal's office after a clash between the two kids.

Channing - who has Everly with ex-wife Jenna Dewan - said: "I've blocked it all out.

Sandra - who adopted kids Louis and Laila as a single parent - added: "There’s some PTSD attached to it. We met through drama, in the principal’s office at preschool.

"We were called in together because Everly and Laila were trying to alpha the other one out, and we prayed it was the other’s child that caused the damage."

While the girls get on well now, their famous parents joked they took on their respective roles in 'The Lost City' so their kids could spend time together in a "COVID-safe" environment.

Sandra she quipped: "That’s the reason we did this film, so they could have one long, COVID-safe play date. We even brought motorbikes down there.

"All we cared about is that Everly and Laila were just having the time of their lives."