Grey haired celebrities: Sharon Osbourne and Tan France lead the trend

Caroline Allen
Tan France is the epitome of fashion. (Getty Images)

After 18 years of dyeing her hair a vibrant red every week, Sharon Osbourne has revealed her grey hair transformation.

Her stylist, Jack Martin, explained how Osbourne was - understandably - very tired of colouring her hair so often.

“It took me a total of 8 hours from start to finish to get her to a platinum blonde so she doesn’t have to be committed to coloring [sic] her hair once a week anymore.” He explained on Instagram.

The new look has sparked a wave of complimentary comments and encouraged us to take a deep dive into the archives to reveal the very best grey hair styles.

Osbourne is not the only one who decided to embrace they grey after becoming tired of constantly dyeing her hair.

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Actress Jamie Lee Curtis, 61, famously gave up dying her hair in 2017. She told Everyday Health she didn't want to put burning chemicals on her head anymore.

Similarly, John Barrowman has recently debuted a new look. The 52-year-old revealed his new grey hair in 2019.

He said on The One Show that he'd been dyeing it since he was in his 20s and now he wanted to be a “silver fox”.

Let’s not forget Jane Fonda’s new look, either.

Fonda, 82, showcased her cropped grey hair at the Oscars in February.

Jamie Lee Curtis told Everyday Health she didn't want to put burning chemicals on her hair anymore. (Getty Images)
Barrowman recently debuted his "silver fox" hairstyle. (Getty Images)
Jane Fonda rocked her new cropped grey look at the Oscars in February. (Getty Images)

While some celebrities simply couldn’t be bothered to manage the upkeep, others have been rocking the grey look for decades.

Take George Clooney. The 58-year-old is the public appointed king of grey hair. He has been paving the way for other grey haired folk for years and we fully support his efforts.

Steve Martin, 74, has also spent the last four decades grey after greying prematurely in his 30s.

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Grey hair has has a bad reputation in the past with people seeing it as a sign of old age.

Not anymore.

With the likes of Queer Eye’s Tan France and model Erin O’Connor owning grey hair in their 30s and 40s, the younger generation is paving the way for grey.

When it comes to hair, we're happy to adopt the WWTD (what would Tan do?) attitude.

George Clooney, 58, is the king of grey hair. (Getty Image)
Steve Martin went grey in his 30s and he has been rocking it ever since. (Getty Images)
Tan France's coiffured grey quiff is a look. (Getty Images)
Erin O'Connor is beyond chic. (Getty Images)

It seems celebrities are marking 2020 as the year of the grey hair transformation and we are not so silently applauding their efforts.

From the chic pixie cut of Erin O’Connor to the elegant layers of Jane Fonda, these celebrities are leading the latest trend in the best way possible.

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