Celebrate cherry season with these 5 sweet treats

It’s June and that means cherry season!

Whether you eat this sweet, slightly tart stone fruit right off the stem or in a dessert, it’s delicious either way. Plus, the deep red, glossy colour gives any dish an impressive hue and stains your lips a lovely colour when eating them (and your fingers, so be careful!) 

Bonus: they’re chalk full of antioxidants and minerals, so go ahead and use one of these five delicious ways to use up those beautiful, cheerful cherries!

Cherry Ricotta Cake [Photo: Less With Bread]

This is the ultimate anytime cake. Laced and topped with tart cherry preserves, the batter is mixed with smooth ricotta which keeps it moist and light. This cake comes together in under an hour, perfect for dessert for an impromptu dinner party, or even for breakfast! (Cake with fruit is a perfectly acceptable breakfast, right?)

Get the recipe from: Less With Bread

Gluten Free Cherry Crumble [Photo: The Healthy Maven]

Any fruit crumble is a great way to start the day or end a dessert but this is one you don’t have to feel guilty about! With minimal sugar and a gluten free crispy topping, you wont even know the difference! That means you can treat yourself to another scoop of ice cream on top!

Get the recipe from: The Healthy Maven

Rustic Cherry Tarts [Photo: Chocolate With Grace]

Need a quick but impressive dessert? This will be your new go to recipe. No need to spend time rolling out a pretty, decorative crust - this rustic version comes together quickly and is super charming! 

Get the recipe from: Chocolate With Grace

Cherry Amaretto Popsicles [Photo: Tutti Dolci]

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again - everything is better with booze! Especially these perfect popsicles. Amaretto and cherry are a match made in heaven! Delicious fresh cherries compliment the sweet almond liquor to create a refreshing summer treat.

Get the recipe from: Tutti Dolci

Cherry, Goat Cheese and Arugula Pizza [Photo: Recipe Runner]

Cherries on pizza?! Get out of here! This is an unexpected mix of flavours that turn out to be a hit. The sweet cherries are the perfect match for creamy goat cheese and sharp arugula, all piled onto a crispy grilled crust - a refreshing take on a classic favourite.

Get the recipe from: Recipe Runner

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