Internet users have discovered how cashews are grown and can't deal

People are freaking out about how cashews are grown [Photo: Getty]

An image of cashews being grown has inadvertently sent social media into a complete frenzy.

Consequently, the snack of choice for many a party or pub-goer, is now the focus of a fiery discussion on Twitter.

It all started when one Twitter user shared her amazement at discovering how cashews were grown.

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Admittedly most of us likely haven’t ever given it much thought before, so there was plenty of confusion at discovering cashews actually grow out of the bottom of an apple/pepper-looking structure, on actual trees.

Of course, the photo quickly went viral.

Some wondered why we didn’t eat the fruit part and what it tasted like.

To help provide some context about this Internet-breaking news, cashews are seeds harvested from the cashew apple.

They grow on cashew trees.

Oh and while we’re on a mind-blown roll, just so you know, the cashew is not an actual nut either.

Totally regretting that nut pun in the first line now.

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