The Cannonball Run Actresses Reunited With Film's Iconic Lamborghini Countach

Lamborghini has marked the 45th anniversary of the cult classic The Cannonball Run by reuniting actresses Adrienne Barbeau and Tara Buckman with the Lamborghini Countach LP 400 S they drove in the movie. This celebration brought the actresses and their stylish wheels together for the first time since the movie's release on June 19, 1981. Reuniting after more than four decades, Barbeau and Buckman shared their experiences with the Lamborghini that became a cultural icon. Neither had seen or driven a Lamborghini before the movie. "I immediately thought it was beautiful, simply beautiful, and it still is," said Barbeau. Buckman added: "We had the best car, and it was definitely the most beautiful of all." The Countach LP 400 S, produced in November 1979, boasts a Nero (black) exterior and Senape (mustard) interior. Originally shipped to the SEA dealership in Rome, it was likely sold directly to a buyer in the US, eventually landing in Florida. The car's owner, a friend of the film’s director, offered it for use in the movie, ensuring its place in American cinematic history. For the film, the Countach received distinctive modifications, including a wing, two full-beam headlights on the nose, a spoiler, three antennas, and twelve exhaust pipes. In 2009, the car found a new owner, Jeff Ippoliti, who had been captivated by the Countach since seeing it in the movie as a child. The car features in the memorable opening scene, with the Countach’s 12-cylinder engine roaring during a police chase.