Can mums really have it all?

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Do you believe that a mother should do whatever it takes to stay home with her children? Or do you think it's better for everyone in the family to have a mum who works?

Making the decision to stay home or join the workforce can be a difficult process and there is no right answer. Maybe you can only hope to get close to having it all and that’s enough. Or maybe having it all simply means different things to different people.

In this episode of Bumps, Babies & Beyond, Myleene Klass is joined by Professional Coach Tracey Wall, working mum Sarah Hamilton and stay at home mum Michelle Schmitz.

They discuss the guilt mums have when they miss milestones in their children’s lives and the pressure we put on ourselves to make the right decision.

As Myleene says “There appears to be no right or wrong when going back to work or staying at home. It’s all about what works best for you and your family.”

Bumps, Babies & Beyond with Myleene Klass is a 48-part video series exclusive to Yahoo! Lifestyle.

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