Family photos and keepsakes fill Camilla's office as royals work from home during coronavirus pandemic

Rebecca Taylor
Royal Correspondent
The duchess at her home office in Birkhall. (Press Association)

While most of us are setting up our home offices in kitchens and living rooms, the Royal Family has been showing us how work from home is really done.

Of course, with the palace homes doubling as offices most of the time, it’s no surprise that they should adapt so easily to the government guidelines to avoid travelling to work unless completely necessary.

The Duchess of Cornwall is the latest royal to give a glimpse into one of her workrooms, at the Scottish home she shares with Prince Charles.

Camilla shared a picture of her getting back to work after self-isolating for 14 days, when Charles was diagnosed with the coronavirus.

Yahoo UK takes a look at what her office says about her.

Her photographs

While we can see some of the titles on her bookshelves, the main feature of the scene behind the duchess is all the photographs.

Some framed, some without, some colour, some black and white, there’s certainly a healthy collection.

A sign can be partially seen that appears to say “Welcome to the Nut House” next to a picture of a red squirrel.

The duchess has plenty of photos scattered on her bookshelves. (Press Association)

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Unlike many of the background photos seen when someone like the Queen gives a speech, these are much more relaxed, family album type pictures, not the formal posed ones which adorn official rooms.

Eagle-eyed viewers may spot what looks like two shirtless men on a beach in one snap, and a paper dolls cutout of the Royal Family.

There’s also plenty of pets, and lots of baby photos, too. The duchess has five grandchildren from her first marriage to Andrew Parker-Bowles.

Her son Tom has two children and her daughter Laura has three. She is also step-grandmother to four royal children - Princes George and Louis, Princess Charlotte and baby Archie.

In the corner, there’s a particular good picture of the duchess herself, perhaps a favourite moment.

It also looks like she’s been given a classic gift of a photo mug at some point, with a family picture on a cup behind her.

And there’s a white rabbit perched on top of some white folders too.

Her books

There’s a wide range of titles on her bookshelf, including some for children, which reveal what her royal highness likes to read, perhaps to her grandchildren.

Not only has she got the Harry Potter books, but another JK Rowling novel, The Casual Vacancy.

Camilla is a fan of outdoor pursuits, shown by some of the titles on her bookshelf. (Getty Images)

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She also has several titles by Peter James, and The Mars Room by Rachel Kushner. Kushner’s novel, about a woman jailed for killing her stalker, won critical acclaim and was shortlisted for the Man Booker prize in 2018.

It could be the duchess’s focus on domestic violence and abuse that led her to choose the book.

Her love of the countryside is reflected in the weighty tome titled ‘Bird Guide’ on the top shelf.

Her desk

Like her husband, the duchess appears to prefer a more old-fashioned way of working.

While most people will have set up a work laptop to get their daily to do list done while at home, the royals seem to favour a pen and paper approach.

Camilla’s call is made on a corded landline, just like the Queen used to call Boris Johnson, the prime minister, when her weekly audiences swapped from face to face to being over the phone.

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Camilla's desk is full of papers and cards - including one with a price sticker. (Press Association)

On her desk is a card, perhaps a Thinking Of You message or Mother’s Day card, but with the price sticker left on the back.

She also has a stack of papers to her left, including letters. Pens and highlighters are scattered around her and the envelopes in the foreground indicate she is always ready to post a letter back to anyone who has written to her.

The duchess has brightened the room with a bunch of flowers in a vase.

Her outfit

The Prince of Wales made something of a statement when he released a video last week having worked throughout self-isolation - by getting dressed in a full suit and tie.

Not content to go to work in comfier clothes, the heir to the throne keeps up appearances even when he isn’t going very far.

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And it seems Camilla values the same things. In the photo, she is dressed in a soft pink shirt and jumper, with her hair neatly styled, and her jewellery on.

Her life admin

It has to be said, Camilla’s office is not the neatest. On the floor behind her, a delivery box peeks up, and there’s other packaging scattered around behind her.

There’s also a brown bag and some wicker baskets on the other side of her desk.

Camilla might have just got back from a dog walk. (Press Association)

And she might have got back from a dog walk shortly before the photo was taken - because a red ball thrower can be seen peeking out on the left hand side.

How other royals work

Prince Charles has shown some of his office setup too in recent days, as the couple work from Birkhall in Aberdeenshire.

On Friday, he opened NHS Nightingale in London via videolink, and a photo revealed he had stacked a tablet up on a box and a book to make sure he was appearing at the right height.

He also has a wide range of books in his office, but notably fewer photographs scattered around the shelves.

Prince Charles’s son William and his wife Kate, have shared pictures of their work from home setup in Kensington Palace, but they are likely to do things a little differently in Anmer Hall.

They left London to stay in their Norfolk home but shared pictures as they kept up with patronages via phone calls before they left.

In the pictures, William is seen speaking on a corded landline phone, but with a bit more technology next to him - in the form of what appears to be a tablet and a chunky printer.

Kate is also on the phone, with a collection of neatly arranged books in classic covers in front of her.

They both also seem to shun modern technology in favour of pen and paper as they work.

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Unlike her children, many of the pictures seen of the Queen at work look a little more relaxed. Two weeks ago, the Royal Family shared an image of her on the phone to Johnson, the prime minister, and she was sat in a chair rather than at a desk.

She’s also seen informally in many of her daily duties, for example, when she receives people for audiences and they sit to chat around the fireplace.

Queen Elizabeth II sitting in her study at Balmoral Castle, Scotland, dealing with despatch boxes containing State Papers sent from Whitehall. (Getty Images)

However, the Queen takes a red box of government papers everyday, and has previously been pictured at a desk in her various homes, as she deals with the documents.

While the Court Circular lists video calls made by the Royal Family during the coronavirus pandemic, other royal families around the world have shared photos of their monarchs using technology to keep in touch.

Belgium’s king was pictured video calling the director and prisoners at Oudenaarde prison where they had been making masks for others in prisons around the country.

Queen Matilde of Belgium has also been video calling care homes across the country to offer support.

Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark was pictured speaking to members of the Denmark Red Cross via FaceTime in March, and Crown Prince Haakon of Norway also participated in a video conference, with employees at the Directorate of Health, according to blogger Gert’s Royals.

Royal families across the world have been forced to adapt their procedures in the wake of the pandemic. Engagements have been cancelled, or postponed, and many have retreated to other palaces.

Prince Charles was the first and so far the only member of the British Royal Family to contract the disease.

Prince Albert of Monaco also had COVID-19. Both have now recovered.