From Calvin Klein’s new jeans to beanies: this week’s fashion trends

Lennon Gallagher
Lennon Gallagher. Is he going up or down? Photograph: Getty Images

Going up

Lennon Gallagher’s eyebrows The model offspring on the scene has his dad’s supersonic sourcils.

Dolls’ houses for grownups See Ferm Living’s plywood design. Far too stylish for small people.

Calvin Klein’s new jeans The denim holy grail.

Dead blondes No, not literally. Instead, the You Must Remember This podcast series on Jean Harlow, Veronica Lake and the like. Glamorous and gruesome all at once.

Jessica Chastain’s Miss Sloane wardrobe The blouses, the bob, the fury. Olivia Pope may have met her match.

Comme des Garçons’ conceptual Kardashian Fashion month highlight, right there.

Going down

The weather Time to readjust, now it’s too warm to wear polo necks or padded jackets. The struggle is real.

The salad niçoise at Pret UK The French version is so much better: with peas and a poached egg, no less. Plus ça change.

Geode manis Nail art meets geography field trip. We’re not sure we want our hands to look like geological formations.

Going to the hairdresser The New York Times video of Rick Owens dyeing his hair to opera is everything. And an excuse to go with the Nice ’n Easy home kit option.

Beanies Replace with a beret forthwith. See the Dior show and also Bella Hadid.

Toe cleavage Not this season.

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