Ice creams and ice lollies: How many calories are in the UK's favourite?

ice cream ice lolly. (Getty Images)
What's your all-time favourite ice cream or lolly? (Getty Images)

The sun is shining, the fan is on, and we're reaching for an ice cream to desperately try and keep ourselves cool in this heatwave.

From a Magnum and Cornetto, to a Solero and Twister, everyone has a favourite with a designated space in the freezer.

And while calorie-counting isn't something we should obsess over, or use to reflect our overall health, it's good to be mindful about the contents of our food.

So, how just many calories and how much sugar are in the UK's go-to ice creams and ice lollies?

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1) Magnum Classic 100ml

Magnum bar ice creams. (Getty Images)
Magnums are among some of the most popular ice creams. (Getty Images)

The much-loved Magnum Classic Chocolate Ice Cream Sticks, which really are a picture of summer, are 230 kcal and 20g of sugars each.

2) Solero 90ml

Wall's Solero Exotic Ice Cream Lollies, a favourite for people desperate to cool down their body temperature, contain 98 kcal each, and 17g of sugar.

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3) Calippo Mini 80ml

Calippo. (Getty Images)
What's your favourite Calippo flavour? (Getty Images)

Calippo Mini Ice Lollies, Orange and Lemon-Lime contain 79 kcal per serving and 13g of sugar. Don't let the case fool you, they'll still melt and run all over your hand in this heat...

4) Twister Mini 50ml

Twister Mini Ice Cream Lolly Pineapple, Lemon-Lime and Strawberry options contain 39 kcal each and 6.5g of sugars. While these might be aimed at children, there's nothing to stop you joining in the fun with one or two.

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5) Ben & Jerry's 465ml

Ben&Jerry's ice cream. (Getty Images)
The ice cream we usually find ourselves eating out of the tub with a spoon. (Getty Images)

The almighty Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough Vanilla Ice Cream Tub contains 235 kcal per 100ml and 22g of sugars. Other flavours like Phish Food and Chocolate Fudge Brownie go down a treat, but Cookie Dough seems to be viewed as the classic.

6) Rowntree's Ice Lolly 65ml

Trade in the sweets for a more refreshing snack – Rowntree's Fruit Pastille Ice Lollies. These have 57 kcal per serving and 11.6g sugars.

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7) Cornetto 90ml

Cornetto. (Getty Images)
The picture of holiday. (Getty Images)

Who doesn't love the chocolate bottom of a Cornetto Classico Chocolate Vanilla Ice Cream Cone?

These have 181 kcal and 11.9 sugars each.

8) Mini Milk 35ml

Containing just 32 kcal per serving and 4.7 g of sugar, they're practically a light snack. But there's no judgement for those who'd opt to enjoy more than one.

9) Magnum Almond 100ml

Magnum Almond. (Getty Images)
Prefer a bit of crunch in your ice cream? (Getty Images)

If you feel like cheating on the Classic, Magnum Almond Ice Cream Sticks have 244kcal each and 19g sugars.

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Earlier this year, healthy snacking brand Graze also brought attention to the fact that snack-makers currently only label the total amount of sugar in their products, and don't share how much added sugar you're eating as a percentage of your recommended daily limit (RDL).

With the RDL for added sugar being only one third of your total sugars RDL, it's easy to eat more than what's advised without realising.

To help you find out the whole sugar story, see its #KnowAddedSugar index.

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