Call the Midwife: viewers all have same complaint about episode four

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The BBC's popular period drama, Call the Midwife, continued on Sunday night with its fourth episode of the new series - and viewers all had the same complaint.

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The latest instalment saw Nonnatus House care for a struggling first-time mother and a young father who survived Auschwitz.

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While most fans enjoyed the moving episode, some were distracted by the "obvious" social distancing regulations. One person took to Twitter, writing: "God the more I watch this programme and the really obvious covid distancing, the more annoyed I get #CallTheMidwife," while another added: "Hate the social distancing in Call the Midwife! Give Lucille a hug! #CallTheMidwife."

Other fans felt the social distancing was more noticeable in scenes between Trixie and Matthew, with one person writing: "Trixie walking four feet behind her date because social distancing," while another added: "My theory is that Trixie and Matthew will be fully romantic and close in the next season once social distancing isn't a thing anymore."

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Most fans, however, praised the emotional episode which induced both tears and smiles in true Call the Midwife fashion. The latest episode saw Nurse Lucille fall pregnant while the midwives dealt with some heartbreaking cases.


Viewers said the social distancing regulations were "obvious"

One person tweeted: "#CallTheMidwife bringing the tears as well as laughter, this show never fails us," while another added: "Even by #CallTheMidwife standards, there's a *lot* of crying tonight."

A third person wrote: "#CallTheMidwife is heart-wrenching tonight."

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Other viewers applauded the "wonderful" storyline and scriptwriting, with one person commenting: "#CallTheMidwife wow, another moving episode full of great acting, real storylines and heartbreak. The scriptwriters are amazing," while another added: "Such a wonderful storyline again. Wonderfully written and acted. #CallTheMidwife."


Fans praised the heartbreaking stories

A third person wrote: "Gosh what a powerful episode. Racism. Holocaust survivor. Homosexuality laws changing," while another agreed, adding: "Such a sad but beautifully written storyline about the Jewish family and Auschwitz in @CallTheMidwife1."

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