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The £10 Cadbury Halloween goody box filled with 48 chocolates for trick-or-treating

(Cadbury Gifts Direct / Yahoo Life UK)
A step up from your average bucket of sweets. (Cadbury Gifts Direct / Yahoo Life UK)

It's Halloween season, which means it's eat-as-much-chocolate-as-you-like season, too. And what better way to celebrate the occasion than with a goody box filled with 48 different treatsize chocolates?

New for Halloween, Cadbury Gifts Direct is selling a selection of best-selling chocolate miniatures perfect for trick-or-treating, or, let's be honest, eating all on your own.

Complete with Cadbury favourites like Twirl, Flake, Crunchie, Fudge, Chomp and more, it's not only filled with an incredible variety, but it's also on sale for an incredible price.

Down from £15, you can snap up this giant chocolate bulk buy for just £10.

Perfect for Halloween, this goody box comes filled with 48 treatsize chocolates. 

£10 at Cadbury Gifts Direct

A step up from your average bucket of sweets, it comes packaged in a fun purple box adorned with Cadbury's signature branding, complete with a handle for ease when carrying from place to place.

(Cadbury Gifts Direct)
Stock up for Halloween with this box filled with 48 treatsize chocolates. (Cadbury Gifts Direct)
(Cadbury Gifts Direct)
It's packed with favourites like Twirl, Flake, Crunchie and more. (Cadbury Gifts Direct)

£10 £15 at Cadbury Gifts Direct

What's inside Cadbury's Halloween Chocolate Treatsize Goody Box?

3 x Cadbury Family Treatsize Bag (216g, 16 treatsize chocolates in each bag):

  • Cadbury Chocolate Curly Wurly

  • Cadbury Fudge

  • Cadbury Twirl

  • Cadbury Flake

  • Cadbury Chomp

  • Cadbury Crunchie

Shop now: Cadbury Halloween Chocolate Treatsize Goody Box | £10 (Was £15) from Cadbury Gifts Direct

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If you don't want to drop £10 on a mix of chocolates, then you can always nab the individual bags or boxes of your preferred chocolate instead.

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