Cadbury brings Fudge back to Christmas selection boxes after customer backlash

After customer backlash, Cadbury has reintroduced the Fudge to its selection boxes [Photo: Cadbury]
After customer backlash, Cadbury has reintroduced the Fudge [Photo: Cadbury]

It’s never too early to start talking about Christmas when chocolate is involved and in the best news we’ve heard all week, Cadbury is officially reintroducing Fudge bars to its selection boxes.

Back in 2017, the world-famous brand replaced the iconic chocolate bar with the newer Dairy Milk Oreo - much to the dismay of fans.

When unsuspecting customers unwrapped their selection boxes in the run-up to the big day, they were left bitterly disappointed.

So much so, a large number of social media users accused Cadbury of “messing with tradition”.

“Stop conducting business,” one Twitter user wrote. “This is a travesty.”

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Another agreed, adding: “Omg. Just checked the selection box I got my son and my fudge stick is missing. Sooo outrageous. Completely out of order.”

“Put the damn fudge back in!” a third demanded.

Thankfully, the bar is back in its rightful place this festive season nestled between a Double Decker, Cadbury Chomp, Curly Wurly and Milk Buttons.

“Following feedback from our consumers we have decided to bring back the original selection this Christmas which will include the much loved Cadbury Fudge,” a spokesperson announced.

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We don’t want to wish the summer away but what the heck, bring on December!

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