Cabinet of Curiosities fans are all saying the same thing about this one episode from the series

ICYMI, Netflix's Cabinet of Curiosities just dropped and already it's got fans in a frenzy. Centred around an "anthology of sinister stories", IMDb's official synopsis is enough to make you want to binge the entire series in one night (maybe with the lights on and the doors locked, just to be safe). It reads: "Bizarre nightmares unfold in eight tales of terror in a visually stunning, spine-tingling horror collection curated by Guillermo del Toro." Yep, count us in.

But as for the horror fans who completed all eight episodes straight away, it seems that they're in agreement about one thing in particular - that The Autopsy episode was their favourite, with many calling it a "masterpiece".

For context, the hour-long programme follows a sheriff who is tasked with investigating a dead body found in the woods. To help him piece together the chilling events, he calls upon a medical examiner and an old friend, but things aren't all as they seem. Of course, after watching, viewers took to Twitter to praise the episode, with one fan writing: "Guillermo del Toro's Cabinet of Curiosities is so f*cking good?? I'm watching The Autopsy and it's riveting."

Another agreed, sharing: "Cabinet of Curiosities: The Autopsy from David Prior (The Empty Man) is an exquisite hour of horror, masterfully setting a mood and going to places that'll leave your jaw on the floor. Incredible work from F. Murray Abraham to top it all off. Make sure you don't miss this one."

A further fan also commented on the third episode of the series, expressing how The Autopsy was their "favourite thing" they've watched "in a long time," as someone else ranked all the episodes in order of how much they enjoyed them.

Well, we know how we'll be spending our evenings this week...

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